Neil and Zil will be getting married in a few months, and although they won’t be tying the knot in Chicago, they still wanted to have some pictures taken in one of their favorite cities. They asked me to spend an afternoon with them and I was happy to do so! We met up near the planetarium to take a few pictures that included the skyline.
We made our way a little further into the city, making a stop by the Kinzie St. bridge before heading to some of my favorite shooting spots.
I love Neil’s stylish socks!
Doesn’t Zil have a great smile? I’m sure she is going to make one gorgeous bride!
After a stop by the ‘birds on a wire mural’, we decided to head to the lake.
Clouds were gathering and the lake was choppy as a huge storm was moving in. I asked Neil and Zil if they wanted to head back to the car, but to my delight, they said they wanted to stay and take more pictures. It was worth it, too!! I think these images of Neil and Zil in the rain turned out beautifully!
I love, love, love these pictures!!! Congratulations on your engagement, Neil and Zin, and thank-you for braving the rain for some excellent pictures!