Nick and Michelle will be getting married next year. I wasn’t available to shoot their wedding, but was thrilled when they asked me to take some engagement photos anyway. I met up with them at their house in Wrigleyville, where we snapped a few shots with their best pal to start things off.
We had a big day planned, and thought it best to have a snack at the pizza place around the corner before heading out.
That’s a big slice!
Nick and Michelle chowed down and then we hit the streets.
First stop was the city’s west side, where we took a few pictures in front of the hazy Chicago skyline.
Then a little neckin’ under the tracks.
We moved out to Montrose Beach, where Nick brought out the flag he made to celebrate his union to Michelle. The ‘Z’ on the flag will be the first initial of their shared last name once they’re married.
Finally, the main event.
A chalk-dust war!!! Things started off with a colorful explosion.
Nick launches a handfull of dust at Michelle:
Michelle loaded up with some ammunition.
She attacked from behind, but Nick was on to her.
There was dust everywhere!
Michelle even got some in her teeth!!!
Whew! What a day! Our two warriors collapsed in a colorful pile.
I had a blast watching you two duke it out! Congratulations on your engagement!