It was Nick and Nevette’s big day. I met up with this worldly couple at the two-apartment carriage house they were renting in Bucktown as they were beginning to get ready. Their families were staying with them in the carriage house and the whole place was buzzing with energy when I arrived.
I started off by taking a few detail shots. These two self-described francophiles got engaged in Paris, so it was only fitting to take the ring shot on this statue of the Eiffel Tower.
Here are Nevette’s earrings, which she made herself.
Nevette’s shoes were fabulous…
… even the soles were cooll
Her sister found her gift -these special cake forks -on Etsy.
When Nika Vaughan finished up with her make-up and hair, Nevette went to the downstairs apartment to finish getting ready.
Nick, meanwhile, was in the upstairs getting suited up.
When they were good to go, Nick and the guys grabbed umbrellas and ran down the street to Larkspur to pick up the flowers for the day.
Braxton headed out with the guys and I stayed behind with Nevette as she finished up.
Her mom and twin sister were there to help her get into her dress.
Her handmade earrings were the perfect final touch.
I thought of this when I saw this picture in the back of the camera. Who am I kidding? I pretty much always have that clip on loop in my mind.
I snapped back to reality as we left the apartment and headed out to Millennium Park for the ceremony.
Nick and the guys were already on their way, with the help of a very friendly cab driver.
The couple held their ceremony at the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park. The whole thing was done guerrilla-style with only close family and friends present.
Nick and Nevette are both yoga enthusiasts, and Nick got in a few pre-ceremony stretches.
Nevette, her sisters and her mom walked with her to meet up with Nick.
The man to the left of Nick is a good friend and bandmate. He served as the Officiant for the ceremony. Nick’s mom and brother stood by him on his other side.
It was a very intimate ceremony, and I loved being there to share it.
Nick delivering his vows.
Nick’s sister couldn’t hold back the happy tears any longer.
That’s when the sisters saw that I was crying too. I am a mess!
It was such an amazing ceremony, though. Anyone would have had a hard time to keep from letting out a tear or two.
The cards they’re holding had their vows written on them.
They sealed the deal when they exchanged rings.
Nevette’s mom approves!
The others headed out to the reception, and Nick, Nevette and I started taking some post-ceremony pictures.
Look who Nick found!
We invited our new friends to the reception, but they respectfully declined. Guess they had other plans.
We took some time shooting around the Art Institute which was right next to the ceremony site.
And then we headed out into the downtown area.
It had begun to rain, but we didn’t let that stop us as we took a few pictures on the bridge.
We did take shelter for a few minutes for some umbrella-free pictures under this overpass.
I was having a great time with both of them as we wandered the streets finding locations.
The rain kept coming, but their spirits were never dampened.
Eventually, though, we had to skip the last stop because the downpour was so relentless.
Nevette got cold while we were waiting for a cab.
The cab wasn’t far behind, and we travelled together to The Violet Hour for the reception.
One of the first details I saw when we walked in the door was their leather-bound guest book. It was perfect for the feel of the reception.
Nick’s boutonniere.
Nevette’s hair piece…
…and bouquet.
The Violet Hour had specialty drinks ready to go for the reception guests.
And check out this cake! It was designed and baked by Alliance Bakery.
The reception started during the hour of hush and wonder… and the chandelier definitely reflected the tone.
The mural on the front of the Violet Hour.
Nick’s brother got a big hug.
The guests were having a great time enjoying drinks, appetizers, cake and company.
The rain had cleared up, and we snuck out again after a bit to take some night shots.
I was honored to share your intimate and special day with you, Nick and Nevette. Congratulations on your marriage!