I was thrilled to be out in the country for Nicole and Mitch’s wedding day. They had a huge celebration planned, all happening on Mitch’s parent’s beautiful property outside of Plano, IL. Nicole, her mother and her sister were just wrapping things up when I arrived. The crew from Sonia Roselli had just finished with everyone’s hair and make-up design, so all that was left was for Nicole to fasten up her wedding dress and slip into her shoes. After some careful help zipping up the dress, the bride was out the door, ready to meet up with her man.
No need to rush, though! Might was well take a second to relax before heading out.
A few moments later, Mitch was in place, smiling ear to ear as Nicole made her way to his side. I knew this was going to be a great first look- Nicole was already tearing up before she even got to Mitch! It was a beautiful way to start the day.
They spent a few minutes checking each other out (and dabbing at a few tears) and then the wedding party met up with us for our first item on our agenda- group portraits.
Nicole’s sister made sure that Mitch’s tie was perfectly straight before we started. Mitch cleans up pretty nicely, huh?
Such a good maid of honor, tending to the bride’s every need.
This waterfall is the perfect spot for wedding pictures. Can I get one in my backyard, please?
And as impressive as the waterfall was, the rest of the property was just as gorgeous. Mitch, Nicole and I grabbed our things and headed out for a pre-ceremony portrait session. The following is a collection of some of my favorite pictures from this part of the day.
Nicole’s beautiful, lush bouquet was designed by Carol at O’cie Florals.
With the pre-ceremony session all wrapped up, we headed back to the house where everyone else was getting ready…
…including Nicole and Mitch’s son, Ryder. This little cutie was very excited for his parent’s big day. After giving mom some kisses, he put on his wedding clothes and joined his parents outside for a family picture.
The rest of the family joined soon after, all ready for their time in front of the camera. Nicole’s Grandma was up first, with a big smooch for her granddaughter. We had a great time during the family portraits, and I was having a blast with their families.
I love this picture of Nicole and her mom.
Finally, the time had arrived for the couple to say their ‘I Do’s’. The guests arrived and began to find their seats in the ceremony spot. Soon after, the wedding party made their big entrance.
Nicole was escorted down the aisle by her father, who dabbed at some of her tears before taking his seat. Nicole and Mitch took each other by the hand and the officiant began the ceremony.
It was warm that day! Nicole gave her groom a helping hand when the sweat began to pour.
Rings and vows were exchanged, and the ceremony ended with a kiss.
Congratulations, Nicole and Mitch!
Their fathers shook hands and gave each other congratulations before the newlyweds walked back down the aisle.
Then Nicole and Mitch said ‘good-bye’ to the officiant…
…and made their grand entrance into the reception. They were met with cheers and applause from all their loved ones. It was time to get the party started!
And what a party they had, too. It began with Nicole and Mitch’s first dance together as husband and wife, and continued with speeches from their loved ones. Following a delicious dinner catered by My Chef, Nicole shared a father-daugher dance with her dad. And DJ Gregg from Sounds Abound set the soundtrack to the evening.
Nicole’s dad gives his toast.
The bride’s sister offered her congratulations.
Mitch’s brother, who also served as the best man, gave a toast.
Mitch’s mom, sharing a laugh with a friend during speeches.
And Mitch’s other brother, hollering at his brother after the Best Man’s toast.
Nicole and her father during their shared dance.
The father of the bride cuts loose!
This dance floor was jumping… the summer heat didn’t slow anybody down. Enjoy this collection of fun dance pics from the party!
What a night! I said good-bye to Mitch and Nicole and took one last picture of the reception as I walked to the car.
Congratulations, Mitch and Nicole! Thank-you for sharing your day with me!