Welcome to the world, Oliver! This special little guy is the first child of Dave and Sophie, whose wedding I photographed a few years back. I’m so happy for Dave, Sophie and especially little Oliver, who has an incredible set of parents! The family lives in California, and I was able to drop by and visit them during a recent trip. Oliver wasn’t sure if he was into having pictures taken…
…but a few cuddles with mom made everything better.
We took a few photos around the family home, getting Oliver warmed up to the camera.
Oliver caught a few z’s…
…and was all smiles when we arrived at the park.
He caught some rays as he stretched out in the grass.
And then it was time for another nap. Oliver needs a lot of those– he’s got a lot of growing to do!
The family headed back home and Oliver got comfortable.
It was great to meet you, Oliver, and to see your parents again! I’m already looking forward to my next California visit!