HOT DOG! It was Oliver’s birthday, and his parents had a big surprise in store for him! Sing along with me:

“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer wiener…”

The wienermoblie had traveled a great distance to get to Ollie’s house for the special event. But it wasn’t a difficult journey… as wienermobile designer Brooks Stevens once said: “there’s nothing more aerodynamic than a weiner”!
I’m not full of BOLOGNA when I say that little Ollie was super-excited.
Oscar Mayer hot dogs are one of Ollie’s favorite foods, and his mom and dad made some calls to see if the Wienermobile could stop by his birthday party. They were so excited to be MEATing!
It was awesome! Especially great were Cookout Kelly and Deli Eliot, the two HOT-DOGGERS who piloted the wienermobile to it’s destination.
Ollie’s face lit up as he rode shotBUN with his mom.
The family was RELISHing every moment of their tour.
Ollie sure felt like one LUCKY DOG.
And he makes for one adorable little COCKTAIL WIENIE.
DOGgonnit, Ollie sure was excited for his party!
Mom and Dad were so happy that everything was going so BUNderfully that they had to share a kiss.
The Newman’s are cooler than a fridge full of COLD CUTS.
Speaking of cold cuts, Kelly and Eliot brought a wiener-mobile full of Oscar Mayer lunchmeat and hot dogs to share. Ashley decorated brown paper bags with hot dog buns for all to enjoy. This party was destined to be RED HOT!
The following set of pictures shows how mom brought home the BACON with the decorations.
This was a party with all the FIXIN’S… each sweet treat had it’s own handmade candle.
She made all of the decorations by hand, and it was the perfect way to showcase her creATEivity.
This family always has JUMBO-SIZED fun.
Snug as bugs in rugs… that’s how this family ROLLS.
Decorated hair dryers at a birthday party? Who would have ever thought of SAUSAGE thing?
Ollie took the wheel… don’t forget to put on your MEATbelt!
These guests decided to take the scenic KRAUT.
This speed demon was ready to HAUL BUNS.
Lori the balloon artist truly CUT THE MUSTARD with her balloon creations.
Mom showed off her balloon hat while waving. I swear I heard her say “MAYO all have a wonderful time at the party!”
Ollie’s neighbor was manning the grill. He took a little break to HAM it up for the camera.
The birthday boy couldn’t have been more satisfied.
Baby Maxine was too!
Max’s sister Didi was having a WIENERFUL time eating cupcakes.
Ollie’s little brother Filson was happy to visit and KETCHUP with his friends and family.
One partygoer came prepared for the sun… they didn’t want to TOAST THEIR BUNS too badly!
There was BUN IN THE SUN for everyone!
There was so much to do! You could say the guests all had FULL PLATES.
Mom called everyone over to the main table. The celeBRATion was just beginning!
The whole spread looked DELIctable!
Everyone got to take home a couple of packs of yummy lunchmeat.
Ollie helped out the dinosaur, who was SANDWICHED into the cake.
We were all ready for the scrumptious-looking confection.
Ollie took a test bite. I’ve heard of WURST ideas.
Then it was time for the piñata. This partygoer took a good swing but had a FOOTLONG fall!
Choosing a prize quickly proved to be quite a PICKLE.
Ollie went to the play house where some of his friends (and their full bellies) were enjoying some play time.
Then there was a magical sound. Ollie opened the door to the clubhouse and waved his friends out. “LETTUCE see what’s going on, guys!”
It was the ice cream truck!
So many treats to choose from.
The birthday boy chose a Choco-taco. It looked delicious. Not to be a CORNDOG, but it made me reminisce about all the Choco-tacos i had in my youth.
This little girl was RELISHING her treat.
Ollie was taking tiny bites, enjoying every second!
The birthday boy made sure to LINK UP with Grandma right after his ice cream.
As the party wrapped up, Cookout Kelly and Deli Eliot wrote a good-bye message to the Newman family. Awwww, you ol’ CHEESE DOGS.
Ollie jumped on board the Wienermobile one last time before it left to continue it’s journey on the HOT DOG HIGHWAY.
Happy Birthday, Ollie! FRANKS for inviting us to your party!

(And thank-you to Deli Eliot, Cookout Kelly and the rest of the Hotdoggers on the Hotdogger Blog… I borrowed heavily from you guys to make this my PUN-niest posting yet!)