I was so excited for Olivia and Zach on their big day! This couple has been together since high school, and a few weeks ago, they vowed to spend the rest of their years together. They had a fantastic ceremony and reception planned at the Adler Planetarium, but the day began in Olivia’s hotel suite, where the bride made her preparations alongside her bridesmaids.
Olivia’s sisters were close at hand, ready to step in and help when needed.
Proudest of all was Olivia’s mom, who couldn’t stop hugging her daughter.
When both Zach and Olivia were ready, the two had their first look in the hotel. They spent a few minutes admiring each other, and then we headed out for pictures around town.
First stop was the close by LaSalle Street Bridge. I started off the shoot with some pictures of the bride and groom alone.
Zach and Olivia’s bridal party, which was comprised of some of their closest friends and family, jumped in for a round of group portraits.
Look at that attitude! This group of ladies was so much fun to work with.
We arrived at the planetarium with plenty of time to spare before the ceremony so we could take full advantage of this gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline. This has to be one of the best places to photograph a Chicago wedding!
It seemed like only minutes later that the ceremony was starting. Zach took his place at the front of the aisle, and it looked like he got a little misty-eyed when he saw Olivia make her entrance.
Olivia was escorted down this amazing aisle by her parents. Mom and Dad gave their daughter a big hug before taking their seats and settling in for the ceremony.
The ceremony was filled with lots of love (and a few laughs) as officiant Jarrod of Rev It Up told stories about Olivia and Zach’s years together. Olivia’s sister, below, had to wipe away a few tears as the vows were exchanged.
After vows and rings were exchanged, Olivia and Zach began their marriage with a kiss! Congratulations! Even the wind was excited for the newlyweds, as it kicked up during their walk back down the aisle, flipping up Olivia’s veil.
That’s better!
Cocktail hour began right away on the planetarium’s patio. The sun was just beginning to set and the view was incredible.
Guests were also invited to enjoy their drinks in the Grainger Sky Theater, where the projectors were turned on and the night sky was shining above!
While guests enjoyed cocktail hour, I slipped into the reception hall to take pictures of the details. Everything looked perfect, warm and inviting. Lori of Lola Event Productions lent Olivia and Zach a hand with planning out all these details.
I had to grab Olivia and Zach for few final pictures while the sun was still up. I was glad I did, too!
Olivia and Zach entered the reception a few minutes later, met by cheers and applause from all their guests.
The newlyweds took their seats and Olivia’s father began the celebration with a toast.
Zach’s brother was up next with his best man speech…
…and then the couple rounded out toasts by thanking their guests for joining them for their special day.
Next, the newlyweds took to the floor to share their first dance as a married couple.
Olivia had a fun time with her dad during their parent dance…
…and then everyone hit the floor! This group was ready to party, too, as you’ll see in this collection of images from Olivia and Zach’s dance party:
After a few hours of dancing, Navy Pier began their fireworks display. Olivia, Zach and a few of the guests gathered on the patio to watch the show. I, of course, grabbed the couple and began to shoot!
Congratulations on your marriage, Olivia and Zach! Thank you for including me in the celebration!