It’s that time of year again! One Tail at a Time is holding their annual Houndstooth Ball on December 4th, and just like in years prior, I helped by taking the pictures used in their fundraising calendar. I met this year’s models at One Tail’s brand-new adoption center. First up was this cuddly pug duo. You might know that I have a soft spot for pugs, with their adorable faces and cuddly personalities… these pugs even have great fashion sense. That necklace is so flattering!
This pup could barely wait for their turn. It was time to head outside and photograph in their newly renovated pup play land!
They had tons of fun toys available for the dogs to play with.
Our second calendar model was this energetic pup, who spent their time outside running and playing with the rope chew.
This little one was more content to hang out in the sunshine and warm their fur.
How could anyone NOT stop and cuddle with this fuzz-bucket??
How handsome is this old soul?
And those gorgeous brown eyes?? Swoon.
Someone’s ready to play!
And this faithful companion looks like they’re up for an adventure anytime, anywhere.
Look at that happy face.
And speaking of happy…
Say ‘hello’ to this stunner. What a beautiful coat and stoic personality…
Don’t let those teeth fool you…
…this little guy is one of the friendliest critters you’ll ever meet!
This duo looks like they could be a lot of fun…
…especially in a funny face-making contest.
Doesn’t your heart just melt when you see this face?
I know I’ve said this three times already, but this time I really, really, really mean it…. it was love at first sight with this pup! Just look at that friendly face!
I love One Tail at a Time! If you feel passionately about making sure all dogs are treated with love and compassion while they wait for their homes, support this organization. And I hope to see you all at the Houndstooth Ball!