I was ready to have some fun shooting the dogs of the One Tail at a Time calendar. You can order your calendar on their website. It’s worth it! The proceeds also go to a great charity that helps rescue some of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet.

Johnny, also known as “Squibs”, was the first model of the day. Squibs was adopted from Anderson Animal Shelter.

His hobbies include playing with his squeaky chicken, accosting parking cones, napping, making the droopiest face possible so people will give him treats, and tennis balls. Lots of tennis balls.
And he’s really good at being cute.
This is Baines. He was adopted from One Tail at a Time in the summer of 2011.
He quickly took a liking to Kong toys, ropes, eating his mama’s shoes, and hearing his name on the television (Harold Baines) during White Sox games!
Pudge and Bella are siblings who were loving the dog park.

These best buddies love being together and having a fun time.
Myles is a 4 year old Dachshund that was rescued from a hoarder/ backyard puppy mill bust.
He has come out of his shell, put on some weight, and become a very happy boy.
His favorite things are a huge stuffed carrot (bigger than him!) that he carries to bed with him every night and greeting the new resident foster dogs.
Luna is a Siberian Husky that was adopted from Free Spirit Siberian Husky rescue after being found as a stray. She likes stealing toys, getting attention, and doing the patented Husky howl.
Luna’s brother Roscoe is a Cockapoo who was adopted from Chicago Animal Care and Control after his owner passed away. Roscoe loves pizza and his squeaky hot dog toy.
Sierra is a 10 year old Shepherd/ Husky mix that was adopted from the Tooele County Animal Control near Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002.
You can find all 88 lbs of her in the back of her mom’s Mini Cooper on the way to the family farm in Wisconsin, where she loves to run and play!
Stella, pictured below, is a One Tail at a Time alumni! Stella was originally arrived to the rescue in bad shape, including having mange and being extremely shy. Her foster mom fell in love and adopted her.. and then along came Kado! When Kado entered Stella’s life she turned into a new dog and now the two are inseparable best friends. Stella’s favorite thing is swimming, and Kado’s favorite thing is getting Stella to play with toys.

Myron is a 1 year old Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix that was adopted last year from PAWS Chicago. Myron frowns in his sleep, is named after Myron Cope (who’s the Harry Carey of the Pittsburgh Steelers), has a pet fly, loves the Montrose dog beach, and has been heavily over-socialized thanks to the excessive amount of friendly dogs in Logan Square.
Maggie is a 5 year old rescue dog who’s hobbies include hunting squirrels, lure coursing, going on adventures, chasing red lasers, and singing when she sees her friends and family. Her dislikes include hardwood floors, walking in the rain and being surprised.
She also loved having us go on a long hike with her through the dog park!
Then it was time for the huskies!
Layla and Corbin are Siberian Huskies rescues. At the dog park they are the dogs running the perimeter of the fence five times as fast as every other dog. Besides being lightning fast, their other talents are singing and talking with their golden Husky voices.
Gracie is a 2 year old black lab mix that was adopted from One Tail at a Time in December 2010.
Gracie is a bit of a low rider and her stubby legs make her look like she’s mixed with a Basset Hound.
Her favorite things are peanut butter, chasing birds, belly rubs, and playing tag. From the looks of this photo, she is not really into sticks!
Dexter & April are Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Their favorite things are chasing each other and playing tug-o-war. They also love playing with their guinea pig brothers and will give them kisses on their heads!
Their biggest dislike is the dreaded nail trimmer.
This yellow lab mix is Maggie. Payton (Black Lab mix) and Maggie (Yellow Lab mix) are great friends and adoptive siblings,
Payton, this black lab, is Maggie’s great friend and adopted sibling. Payton, the more outgoing of the two, loves squeaky toys, playing chase at the dog park, and sunbathing on the patio table.
Maggie is a bit more demure and prefers to play with tennis balls and soak up attention from her mom and dad.
Mac the Puggle is a One Tail at a TIme alum. She loves snackin’ on green beans to keep fit and trim, and her other hobby is tweeting!
Follow her at @MacThePuggle to hear all about her adventures.
Rudie is a 5 year old Old English Sheepdog/Akita mix that was a joint rescue effort by One Tail at a Time and Midwest Old English Sheepdog Rescue.
Rudie has several super powers including the ability to open the fridge, drag the fridge across the kitchen when it’s taped shut and the ability jump out of second story windows totally unscathed (true story).
Marley is a 6 year old Wheaten Terrier who is much more demure, except when it comes to chasing tennis balls and jumping into the lake.
Rudy and Marley are best friends and thick as thieves.
Jasper is a 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. His favorite things are riding in cars, pasta, his sock monkey toy and the UPS man. His dislikes are getting up early, salty sidewalks and thunderstorms.
You can find Jasper zoomin’ around town with his mom on her scooter!
Last up is Snoop!
This fun guy loves living in the city and having all kinds of adventures with his owners.
Thanks to all the pups (and their humans) for modeling for the calendar. We’ll let you know when the One Tail at a Time calendar is available!