It was the second day of shooting for the One Tail at a Time calendar, and I was at Prairie Wolf Dog Recreation area beginning the day with Quigley.
Quigley was loving being outside in the beautiful fall weather.
How could anyone pass up giving this good pup a belly rub?
Myron and Maurice were there, too, enjoying a lively game of fetch.
They took a break from the action for some close ups.
High-fives all around after a great shoot!
Arnie was all smiles for the camera…
and Luna showed off her gorgeous eyes.
Luna’s brother Roscoe came running along after awhile for his turn in front of the camera.
JD and Harley were another set of sibling-pups who were chilling out in the play area.
What a happy face.
This high-energy duo worked the camera!
Speaking of happy faces… say ‘hello’ to Morgan.
Morgan was very impressed by the blooming wildflowers.
Skillit and Wilson were excited for their photo shoot.
Maybe a little too excited.
After the Prairie Wolf shoot, I joined One Tail’s original founders, Heather, at her parent’s home. When we arrived, Maggie was jumping through their yard. Maggie is a calendar regular!
Heather’s dad was also in the yard, flying a kite!
Walter, their family dog, was supervising from behind the screen door.
Heather’s young niece Archie was enjoying some tummy time on the grass.
It was another successful day! Check out the One Tail at a Time website to find out more about the calendar and how you can help out this amazing rescue organization!