Jenae’s sister, Briana, hooked me up with Jenae and Pat. Briana works in the wedding industry so I knew that it would be a blast to hang out with her all day. She told me that her sister loved my work and they wanted to have me photograph their wedding. I met with Jenae and Pat for the first time just a few days before their wedding. After our meeting I knew that their day would be a fun one. It did not disappoint!

I met up with everyone at the hotel room while they were getting ready. This strange paper doll had to make an appearance on the blog. What was she thinking?!?! That dress. Jenae’s dress put that one to shame. =)

Future hair stylist in training.
Close up of one of the dress details.
Her shoes…
Enough pictures! Time to get the dress on and get going!
Hello!! Her little sister was striking poses left and right.
Don’t forget the garter! This is her grandmother with the garter she wore on her wedding day.
It’s only fitting that she does the honor of putting it on her granddaughter.
Her sisters get all choked up.
Love Briana’s laugh!
Meanwhile, the guys were dressed and ready to go.
Getting the party started. This guy is ready to go!
Jenae looks amazing in this shot. Her makeup was done by Sonia Roselli. Time to go meet up with Pat.
He was waiting for her just around the corner from her hotel.
I’ve always wanted to do a “Who Wore It Better” post.
Pat gets a first look at his bride.
So polite! She’s trying not to photo bomb but just looks ridiculous doing so.
They spot her family watching from the hotel window.
This guy was sketching as we shot around the Wrigley Building.
So cool.
The group moved on to the Art Institute for a photo shoot.
Jenae and her girls goofin’ around. Aren’t the bouquets gorgeous? Jenae’s flowers were done by A New Leaf here in Chicago.
The wedding party lines up for some group shots.
Sneaking off for a quick kiss.
I will never quit these columns. Never. =)
The wedding party just chilling out under the shade trees.
Moving on! We set off to see what downtown Chicago had to offer us.
Jenae doing the happy bride dance.
Back to the party bus where things were in full swing.
Next stop… Kinzie Street bridge!
I call this one “Wedding Party with party cups.”
Definitely a photogenic wedding party, too! They were all about having a good time.
See what I mean?!?
Yes, this happened. It took me a second to notice what was going on. Thanks to her for being so awesome. And yes, she approved this shot for the blog. SCORE!
Hubbard and Union is where Pat decided to pop the question.
Re-enacting the proposal.
Just like the proposal night, their friends were waiting for them at Richard’s Bar.
We stopped in to knock a few back and stare at some local gangsta’s.
She was so excited the bar served Schlitz, she had to take a moment to herself.
GoodFellas, indeed. The resemblance is uncanny. Kind of creepy, right?!
Rockin’ out the jukebox.
Finishing off the drinks…
…because it’s time to move on to the ceremony.
Arriving at A New Leaf.
Lined up and ready to go.
Already crying! Her sisters were giving my camera goosebumps. =)
Here comes the bride.
Pat gives his future mother-in-law a hug.
Her father.
They exchange vows.
I was loving the light upstairs at A New Leaf.
A reading.
Pat’s mother.
Some laughter when the ring is a bit snug.
Presenting the happy couple!
That’s a wrap!
While Jenae and Pat took a moment, the reception got going.
Customary congratulatory cigar.
Entertaining the baby. Poor thing.
It even frightened her.
Briana’s new arrival. Jenae was a very proud aunt.
So adorable, all dressed up in her best outfit. Her dad was a happy guy!
The bride wants some baby time, too!
Jenae and Pat take in the moment before speeches.
First up, the maid of honor! Still time to practice that speech once more! She was shaking in her heels.
Then the best man.
He got ’em laughing.
Jenae and Pat, enjoying their first dance as husband and wife.
Really enjoying their first dance.
Party time!
Her parents.
Her uncle staring at the crooked bridesmaids bow. They made sure to tell me that the dress was featured on Project Runway the week before.
Everyone was in a party mood.
…and some of the best dancers.
Saturday Night Fever! Toast and Jam DJ’d the event. They’re awesome!
While Jenae was celebrating her new marriage, her sister was celebrating her 30th!
People were even sliding down the walls. WHAT!!? Awesome.
I had to end with this. The cake topper pretty much sums up their sense of humor. It was an awesome day.
Jenae and Pat, I had a blast shooting you and your friends. Congratulations!