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Kids love us! Mostly because we are adult children. We want to capture the smiles, giggles, tears, tantrums, death stares and kisses.

Sebastian, Age 3

"He scared the poop out of me."

Celine, Age 4

"He left me lookin' like a hot mess."

Elizabeth, Age 4

"I got in a lot of trouble that day."

Jack, Age 2

"Honestly, I'm just glad it's over."

Charlie Bea, Age 1

"He gave me cake so he's alright."


01What ages do you photograph? From itty-bitty newborns to feisty teenagers, we photograph all ages. Some families have us capture one specific moment in their family's lives, and some hire us again and again to document the way they grow. The most amazing thing about photographing kids is watching them change, but all the while staying themselves.
02Where is the best place to photograph my family? The key to our family photos is making sure everyone is comfortable. That’s why we love doing family sessions in your home. If you have a sun-soaked living room, baby room, or backyard, then we are all about it! If you don’t feel like inside your home is the right place, then places like playgrounds or open space parks can be a lot of fun!
03How long do your sessions last? Generally a session will last 1-2 hours.
04When is the best time of day to plan my session? You know your little one better than anyone. As much as it’s nice to get that perfect light, if your baby is in the middle of melt-down because it’s right before nap or snack time, the light won’t do much good. We recommend scheduling the time when your child is in their best spirits.

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