It was Rachel and Quentin’s wedding day, and Rachel, whose hair and makeup had just been styled by Sonia Roselli, was making some last minute updates to her vows. Take a look at her gorgeous hair clip, which was designed using a bracelet of her mother’s.
It was almost time to meet up with Quentin. Just a few more additions…
…and a little adjustment, and Rachel was good to go!
A quick congratulatory kiss, and we were on our way.
And check out this ride… a stretch Rolls Royce is the only way to travel on your wedding day.
The rain was falling as Rachel carefully made her way to her first meeting with Quentin.
But the rain didn’t damper their spirits as they shared their first wedding day look at each other.
The weather wasn’t getting any nicer out, so we decided to head to a drier place.
Quentin shielded his bride from the elements as we made our way back to the limo.
Some friends of the couple’s had a surprise wedding day picture waiting for us.
Rachel and Quentin knew exactly how to reply.
We were in the neighborhood, so we headed over to Eleven City Diner for a treat.
Quentin and Rachel spent many good times during the early days of their relationship in this diner.
They first met while they were students at Columbia College here in Chicago.
We decided that since we were in the neighborhood, we would go on a tour of their old stomping grounds.
They both graduated from Columbia with degrees in film & video. Quentin’s emphasis was in cinematography and Rachel’s in producing.
It was great way to spend some pre-ceremony time, reminiscing about the young days of their courtship.
My favorite stop was in Columbia’s production area.
Quentin and Rachel spent a lot of time in this room!
The rain stopped! We made a break for it and headed out for pictures around town before the ceremony.
One must-stop location was Union Station.
Quentin and Rachel designed their own dress and suit, and I felt the Union Station backdrop complimented the style perfectly.
One last Union Station shot and it was back to the limo…
…and on to Prairie Production, where the couple was having their wedding ceremony and reception.
Rachel’s bouquet featured a picture of her mother, along with pieces of her mother’s jewelry. It was a wonderful way to remember her mom and include her in the day.
The guests were arriving and taking their seats, each taking a program on their way to their chairs.
Quentin gave his parents a big hug before taking his place in front of the guests.
And then Rachel made her walk down the aisle to join him.
Quentin’s cousin and sister performed for the couple as part of the ceremony. They did a beautiful job.
Rachel couldn’t keep a smile off her face as she and Quentin prepared to exchange their vows.
It was time for Quentin’s vows…
…time to break out the trusty iPhone!
With vows exchanged and a kiss shared, Rachel and Quentin were married! Congratulations!
After the ceremony, the newlyweds took a few minutes to themselves.
Rachel and Quentin are huge lovers of art. They are surrounded by many talented family and friends, and asked them to be a part of the wedding

by creating different kinds of art to display. The following are a few examples of the art that was shared with the guests.
After perusing their guest’s creations, Rachel and Quentin made their grand reception entrance.
Quentin took the microphone to thank everyone for sharing the day with he and his wife.
Rachel took a turn, too, expressing how much everyone’s love and support meant to she and her husband.
Quentin’s mother had a few words of wisdom to share…
…and his father gave a heart-felt tribute to his son.
Then the newlyweds shared their first dance together.
Brian, a friend of Rachel and Quentin’s, created a video presentation to celebrate their marriage.
This photo might qualify for Jeremy Lawson Photography’s first “Caption This” contest.
What a celebration. The guests finished up a delicious meal from Blue Plate and were ready to dance to grooves provided by Soul Motion.
Everyone was showing off their best dance moves.
Bustin’ a serious move.
And Rachel was having the most fun of all!
I had a great time photographing your wedding, Rachel and Quentin! Congratulations on your marriage!