It’s amazing how much you can find out about a couple when you take them to the Urkel wall.
I could tell this was going to be a fun shoot. Rachel was laughing before we even got started!
This adorable couple is Rachel and Quentin.
They’re getting married this September and asked me to be their photographer.
And they were ready to have some fun on their engagement session.
Look at how gorgeous Rachel is. She’s going to make a beautiful bride.
Rachel and Quentin live in LA, but will be getting married here in Chicago.
They are both in the film industry- Quentin is a cinematographer and Rachel produces.
And mother nature produced a strong breeze that allowed Rachel to bring some Marilyn Monroe realness to the shoot.
That skirt had a mind of it’s own!
I was having a great time with these two as we toured around the city.
I’m always happy when couples want to get on the rickety old merry-go-round.
We were shooting in Architectural Artifacts when I had an amazing idea.
Since we were in the neighborhood, why not stop by Margie’s Candies?
Mmmmm…. Ice cream….
Whew! We covered a lot of the city…
…time to go somewhere a little less crowded.
Finally, we wrapped things up by climbing the hill at Montrose Harbor.
Thanks for a great afternoon, Rachel and Quentin! I look forward to working with you both again at your wedding this September!