Raquel and Tommy will be getting married in just under a year from today. I’m very excited to be sharing their day with them! We spent some time together a few weeks ago for their engagement session, traveling the town and getting to know each other a little better. Things started in the West Loop, where we experimented with some different types of backdrops. It was a blast, walking around and posing this fun couple at whichever spots caught my eye… I was happy that they were up for anything!
Raquel was smiling ear to ear as we took the photos… she wasn’t at all afraid to pose. I know she’s going to be a gorgeous bride!
Raquel had to clean up her Christian Louboutin’s before the next shot.
Tommy gave his bride a hand getting off the loading dock- what a gentleman!
I think we covered plenty of ground on the city’s streets…
…time to hit up the beach!
Tommy takes his lady in for a dip and a kiss.
Look at that smile! I’m sure Tommy will be smiling non-stop at the wedding next year. I’m already looking forward to it… I’ll see you again in 2015, Raquel and Tommy!