The big day had finally arrived for Rebecca and Drew! They had a full day of fun and celebration planned, and it all began on the LaSalle St. Bridge, with their first look. It was a beautiful moment; when Drew turned around to see Rebecca in her wedding dress for the first time, both of their faces lit up. And the smiles they both had stayed on their faces throughout the day!

After the two had a good chance to look each other over, we began the portrait session, using the bridge as a backdrop. After spending some time posing the couple, the wedding party jumped in for a group shot.

Once we finished our time on the bridge, we moved down the street to this famous Chicago sight: the Board of Trade.
Next up was the beach, where I posed Rebecca and Drew alongside the city skyline.
Finally, we moved across Lake Shore Drive and into Lincoln Park, where I took everyone in to the Lily Pond.
The ceremony and reception were held at nearby Cafe Brauer, so we didn’t have to go far from the lily pond in order to join the family for picture.
What a happy group! Everyone was thrilled to be celebrating Rebecca and Drew.
The ceremony began with Rebecca being escorted down the aisle by her father before joining Drew in front of their guests. The ceremony, which was presided over by a family friend, was beautiful and full of meaning and love. By the looks on their faces, it was easy to tell that Rebecca and Drew were having the happiest moment of their lives.
After rings and vows were exchanged, the knot was officially tied! Congratulations, Rebecca and Drew!
Back inside the cafe, the newlyweds took a few moments to be alone together…
…and receive some last-minute dress maintenance, courtesy of Kelly from Clementine Custom Events. Kelly was the coordinator for the day, and helped Rebecca and Drew make sure all the details were perfect for the wedding.
And speaking of details, the hall for the reception was looking gorgeous. The places were set and ready for the guests!
Cocktail hour was held on the patio as the sun was beginning to set. Guests were having a great time as they enjoyed drinks and conversation.
Drew and Rebecca spent a few minutes visiting before moving back inside…
…where they kicked off the party by sharing their first dance as a married couple.
While dinner was wrapping up, Drew’s father took to the microphone to begin the toasts.
Drew’s Best Man gave a speech in honor of the couple…
…and Rebecca’s Maid of Honor brought out an old friend of the bride’s: her much-loved and cherished baby blanket!
The DJ put on the dance tracks and everyone hit the floor. They were ready to party, too! See for yourself in this collection of images from Rebecca and Drew’s dance party!:
While the party raged on inside, I took Rebecca and Drew outside for one last round of photos.
What a day! Thank you for sharing it with me, Rebecca and Drew! Congratulations on your marriage!