Rebecca and Scott just wanted to have fun! They brought gold teeth for props…come on, does it get better than that? It was a pleasure working with you and being goofy all day. Cant wait for the Trash The Dress shoot!!!

Dawn got these first two shots of the guys getting ready.

Not sure what this is all about….but its pretty funny.
Rebecca getting ready.
The dress!
The ‘in loving memory’ bouquet.
It was HOT in the bridal suite. All of the girls took turns with the air conditioning.
Too funny.
The balcony was pretty awesome!
The first meeting.
Scotts moms curl. Ha!
More props as we head out for pictures!
A quick bathroom break!
Rebecca and the ladies.
This bridge was AWESOME!
Another great location. We found a random barn and they were very cool with us using the space.
On our way to Potbellys…..YUP, Potbellys.
Some family pictures.
Scotts two little nieces!
And the aftermath of being picked up by their uncle! I love this one.
And the ceremony…
Some tears.
A post ceremony potty break!
The first dance.
The tables were comic book based. Who knew….a spiderman wedding?!!
Bye for now!