Say ‘hello’ to Rebecca, Jeff and Jackson! This happy family got all dressed up and met with me a few weeks ago for their portrait session. This artistic clan was all about taking photos in front of the city’s best murals, and I was happy to oblige. We began by taking our first round of pictures in front of these bright colors.
Little Jackson had to pose in front of this train. It was just at the right height for him!
What a good-looking group!
Jackson was having a blast in front of the camera. I think he was afraid it was going to end as Dad was getting him into the car seat…
…but we were nowhere close to being finished! Jeff made a few adjustments to Jackson’s jacket and we were good to go for the next round.
Jackson got set up for his solo shoot…
…and was awesome about looking right into the camera! What a pro!
While we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by one of my favorite places: Salvage One.
Just down the road was the rail yard, where everyone posed for a bit…
…and then we went to visit my old pal, the luchadore!
It was such fun spending the afternoon with you, Rebecca, Jeff and Jackson! Come back and visit me again soon… there are plenty more spots for us to check out!