Rene and Ari were married at the Garfield Park Conservatory. I LOVE that venue. Its so cool.

Rene looks like a movie star in this shot! Love it.

This is hilarious! It looks like Ari is SO over Dawn (my second photographer) in this shot.
Rene gets ready to brave the weather for their first meeting.
And we only braved the weather for about one minute!
And we were on our way to the Conservatory.
I love this one!
I LOVE Lake Street!
You can see the snow blowing in this shot. I kind of love the little heart on the steps!
And we headed inside….
but not before we witnessed a snowball fight!
Ok…this venue ROCKS. We had lots of time for shots of the two of them. Check them all out below. They were modeling their butts off for these shots!!
The very small wedding party. They just asked their sisters to be in the party. Love it!
The Ketubah.
Rene is like ‘sign what?!?’.
Here is Renes sister getting me back!
Family picture madness.
And the ceremony begins…
I am still not sure what they were looking at?
I loved the background during the ceremony.
Renes father giving his speech.
Ari was happy with the speeches.
I LOVE this one. Aris mother giving Rene a smooch!
Rene and her father dance.
Renes grandmother checking out the goods!
Look, its Kim and Danny!!!!! I shot their wedding in October.
Some reception fun.
Aris aunt had a birthday that night and this was when everyone was signing ‘Happy Birthday’.
Rockin’ the dance floor!
What is Ari looking at?! HA!
This shot is from their engagement session. Louis could not be at the wedding but he made it to the blog.
Here is an ode to Louis. His collar really POPS in this shot!
Thanks for having me!!!