This was my last of four weddings on Memorial Day weekend! What a way to end it. A cubs game on a rooftop. Insane! Rob and Kara, thanks for letting me be a part of the action.

Kara getting ready.

Classic. Ha!
Some details…
Jenny got a great shot of their first meeting.
We started shooting downtown…
And then we headed to Wrigley!
Its ceremony AND game time!
Rob spots the bride.
Ugh, the Cubs lost but the view was still spectacular!
All the lucky wedding guests!!
This guy was writing a book on Cub fanatics. Rob and Kara better make the book!!
The game and the sun wore some people out! Thanks for this shot Jenny!!
The Cake Girls always hit a home run. Yes, that was cheesy.
It was good too!
The flowers and the scoreboard!
A speech
And the rings!
It was such a great way to end a four wedding marathon!!!!