Man, was I ever excited to be photographing Sabrina and Andy’s wedding. Not only were they a hoot to be around, but the couple was holding their ceremony and reception at The Park Grill in Millennium Park. The day was beautiful and I was ready to get out there and start shooting! I arrived at Sabrina and Andy’s condo just as Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry had finished their work on the bride. It was time for the dress!
Sabrina was in LOVE with her dress, and rightfully so! Daniela Chaidez is an up-and-coming designer who did an amazing job creating the dress- and Sabrina couldn’t have been happier with the result. Daniela’s business is named With This Dress and has Sabrina’s full endorsement!
Sabrina was joined by her sister and pup as the final details were put into place.
This little tail was wagging with excitement… the pup wasn’t sure of exactly what, but knew something big was going on that day!
Sabrina gave her four-legged best buddy some extra love…
…and then gathered up her family, prepping everyone to head to the condo’s roof for the first look.
Andy was already there, and had just opened his wedding-day gift from Sabrina. They’re both die-hard Blackhawks fans (side note: when Andy proposed he did so with personalized Blackhawks license plates!) and this is a signed jersey from one of their favorite players. Andy was speechless!
Andy’s mom was impressed as well!
Sabrina made her entrance onto the rooftop and showed off that gorgeous gown. Andy had to wipe away tears between glances.
His parents were just around the corner, watching proudly with big smiles on their faces.
It was a beautiful moment.
But we didn’t linger for too long… Sabrina was ready for pictures! The whole gang filed out of the condo and into the limo.
They didn’t waste any time getting the party started. I knew straight off the bat that these bridesmaids were going to be a lot of fun.
Everyone lined up for the first round of group portraits.
I grouped Sabrina and Andy together for a portrait as well. You notice how wonderfully her veil is floating in the wind?
Photography magic, my friends. Sabrina’s sister, who also was the Maid of Honor, was holding it up outside of the frame. She couldn’t believe that her sister’s wedding day had arrived, and I think she may have been just as happy as Sabrina and Andy!
I quickly snapped Andy by himself…
…and then we headed out to some nearby train tracks.
The happy couple gave a shout-out to the passers-by on the train.
Leap Weddings was there to video the day, too. It’s always great to work with them… Sabrina and Andy chose some terrific vendors (in my humble opinion!).
Sabrina and Andy are all about their friends and family, so I made sure to get plenty of pictures of them with their wedding party.
We hit all of my favorite hot-spots, including the luchador mural, where the groomsmen had a chance to show off their muscles.
We wrapped things up on the west side…
…and headed back toward downtown, stopping for a visit at the monster house.
Andy set his beer down in a safe place…
…and tried to get a better look at the monster.
HA! Andy had a serious chat with his new friend.
Next stop: a series of photos by Chicago’s iconic LaSalle Street Bridge.
That veil! It was fantastic, and I loved finding creative ways to utilize it in the pictures.
Our journey toward Millennium Park (and the altar!) continued with a stop by Michigan Avenue and the Wrigley Building.
The whole gang gathered and sent some big waves my way.
Finally, we walked into Millennium Park, stopping by these flowers for some pictures.
Purple was Sabrina’s mother’s favorite color, and taking a moment at this spot to reflect was wonderful before heading into the Park Grill for the ceremony.
Not long after, family and guests filled the tent where the marriage ceremony was held. Andy watched with tears in his eyes as Sabrina was escorted down the aisle by her nephew.
Sabrina’s nephew gave Andy a hug and then handed over the bride.
The bridesmaids each set a bouquet in the front seats to honor Sabrina’s parents.
The big moment was finally here, and Sabrina and Andy were ecstatic.
One of the bridesmaids delivered a reading to begin the ceremony.
And I loved the bouquets each bridesmaid held. All of the floral design for the day was done by the team at Stems.
And like all the best ceremonies, the bride and groom teared up during their marriage vows.
The rings and vows were exchanged…
…and their marriage began with a kiss.
Sabrina and Andy learned that they weren’t the only ones who got a little misty during the ceremony as the wedding party gathered on the Park Grill patio.
These two escaped convicts couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose for a pictures. They didn’t stick around for long, what with the heat close on their tails and all.
Family portraits were done in front of the bean sculpture. Andy’s mom had me in stitches… she wasn’t afraid to let everyone know what was up.
And Andy’s dad was close by with his camera, too, just in case I needed backup.
With family portraits completed, the newlyweds raced back to spend cocktail hour with their guests.
And I set out to take some detail shots, beginning with their rings. Check out the detail on Sabrina’s ring… gorgeous!
A close-up of Andy’s boutonniere…
…and Sabrina’s bouquet.
The interior of the tent where the ceremony was performed was gorgeous as well.
Everything was so elegant and pristine.
Each chair had a little cone full of lavender for guests to shower the newlyweds with.
And inside the restaurant, everything was perfect. Shannon Gail served as event coordinator for the day, and as always, she did a fantastic job.
After a terrific dinner served up the Park Grill, Andy’s dad kicked off speeches with a toast to the newlyweds.
Sabrina’s sister’s speech was full of love and emotion.
I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.
Soon after, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife.
And Andy shared a mother/son dance with his mom.
Andy’s mom knows how to party, and set the tone for the dance floor. These guests were ready to party!
Andy’s mom and dad were adorable as they twirled around the dance floor together.
The DJs from Toast & Jam kept the crowd on their feet, providing an awesome soundtrack for the night.
Andy’s dad agrees!
The party was in full swing, but I grabbed Sabrina and Andy so we could take advantage of the beautiful evening in the park.
How could I not take pictures utilizing the reflections of the Chicago skyline in the bean?
While we were setting up, Andy pointed out the message on a nearby building. This was when the Hawks were still deep into the playoffs. The game was going on during the wedding… I like to think Sabrina and Andy were a good luck charm that helped them win the cup.
I loved how beautifully these photos with the bean turned out.
And I hope our newlyweds feel the same!
Congratulations on your marriage, Sabrina and Andy! I can’t imagine a more perfect day!