Samara’s friends and family gathered recently to celebrate her birthday. Her parents had a party full of fun and surprises waiting for her, and asked me to take pictures of the festivities. Soon after everyone had arrived, Samara’s parents asked her to wait in the hall for her first gift. She was so excited!
Her parents arranged for a visit from a princess! Samara’s eyes lit up when she saw her new friend.
Samara couldn’t wait to introduce the princess to all the other guests.
And in a manner befitting princesses, Samara handed out crowns to all the partygoers. This was a royal affair for sure!
There was a balloon artist, too, who made fun creations for Samara’s friends to play with.
Look at those happy faces! I think this party was a success!
And what’s a party without cake? Samara (with a little help from the princess and her parents) made a wish and blew out her candles.
Happy Birthday, Samara! Thank you for inviting me to the party— I had a blast!!