I have been waiting on this one for awhile. I have wanted to shoot at the Byron Colby Barn ever since I saw a cool spread in The Knot featuring the location. Also, we had a great time shooting Sara and Kevins engagement session and I knew the wedding would be a blast. And…it was!! Enjoy! This wedding was very detail oriented! Kevin is a chef and a lot of the details were geared towards that. ‘When Pigs Fly’ was the save the date and I couldnt resist this shot!
I love this shot of her jewelry!
A getting ready shot…
And we are off to the barn!
Their first meeting!
And we got to take a few photos before the ceremony. I really love this one!!!
Love this shot of the guys!
I loved these locations!
A shot of her very cool bouquet!!
Sara and her father head down the aisle…
This reminds me of my grandma! She always used to make me spit my gum out into her hands at church. Cute then…gross now. Ha!
What an amazing day! SO cool.
And they are married!
A private moment after the wedding….but I was hiding in the trees! =)
A cocktail shot!
I went inside to get some very cool detail shots. Sara rocked it out!
Wow! So cool.
Some speeches.
Some ‘choreographed’ dancing!
Some cake.
And then they rocked all night!!
And then the karaoke begins!
And I leave you with the barn at night!