I photographed Sara and Kevin’s wedding a few years back and was thrilled when they called me with some big news.
There’s a baby on the way(!), and they wanted to get in a few pregnancy shots before the big arrival.
We were all happy to see each other after meeting up near their home in Portage Park and setting out for the session.
Close enough, right?
How exciting! They’re both glowing with anticipation to greet the newest member of their family.
It was a great day for a walk…
…and things got even better when we came across this lemonade stand, set up by one of the neighbor kids.
Lemonade AND Iced Tea were on the menu, to be precise.
What a treat!
Of course, we had to stock up before heading out.
We ended up back at their house for the last half of the session.
Sara and Kevin wanted to set up a gender reveal photo by writing the baby’s name on Sara’s tummy… whatever will it be?
You’ll have to wait like everyone else, I’m afraid! But hopefully this picture of Sara and Kevin comparing baby bumps is an adequate substitute.
With all this baby excitement, Kevin and Sara always want to make sure that two very important members of the family are included.
Their pups! They could see the peanut butter through the window and knew what was up.
Kisses for the new baby!
It was wonderful to see you again, Sara and Kevin, and congratulations on your first child! I’m already looking forward to our first meeting!