Sara and Kevin are getting married at the Byron Colby Barn. I have never had the chance to shoot there and I am really excited.

The engagement shoot was really cool. I loved meeting their dogs and going to Hala Kahiki. If you havent checked this place out, you should. You can never go wrong with a Tiki bar. Enjoy…

Kevins bike.
Their garage. Yes, a garage in Chicago.
I noticed this guy on the way to their house. They were troopers and let me do this shot.
First stop…Superdawg. Sara and Kevin chowed down on some hot dogs and fries.
Hala Kahiki!
A random staircase. =)
Kevin says that this is a polish heavy metal club. Thats pretty cool.
Nuf’ said.
And then we went back to their place to find a camera-shy dog.
And after one too many treats for doing tricks for the camera…..a sick dog.