Sarah and Brandon are getting married in Indiana this summer. Braxton will be shooting their wedding, and in a true “small world” coincidence, Braxton and Brandon grew up in the same Indiana town.
I tagged along with Braxton for their engagement shoot, which started at their apartment. Sarah was so ready to start the shoot, she was jumping on the couch!
They told us they were going to finish getting ready, but we found out what they were really up to. Kissin’!
Our first stop was the rooftop of their building. I could get used to seeing that view of the skyline every day.
We made our way out into the neighborhood…
…and eventually we ended up in Lincoln Park. Here Sarah and Brandon take a break by lying in the tall grass.
It was a great day to be shooting outside. I’m so glad that summer is finally here.
Next we took the walkway over Lake Shore Drive and made our way to the lake.
Our next stop was a little further inland.
I’m at this spot so often, I wonder if the train conductors know me by sight.
But it’s a great place to take couples for photos…
…Sarah liked it so much, Brandon had to carry her away!
We finished up our afternoon by traveling down one of my favorite streets.
I showed Sarah and Brandon my current favorite mural. What kind of a monster doesn’t love Urkel? Sarah was so pleased she did a dance in honor of the television legend.
These two had been working so hard for their engagement shoot, they started getting a little punchy. Time to wrap it up!
Braxton and I had a great time hanging out with you, Sarah and Brandon. Although I have another wedding scheduled, I’ll be with you on your big day in spirit… and Braxton will be there with you in person!