Braxton and I were in New York to photograph Jason and Sarah’s wedding. The couple was kind enough to invite us to their rehearsal dinner at Locanda Verde the night before the wedding and we were happy to accept! We arrived just minutes before everyone else so we could take a few pictures of the table settings. The menu for the evening had our mouths watering.
The roaring fire in the hearth really added to the atmosphere of the room.
The guests began to filter in as we wrapped up our detail shoot.
The guests mingled and enjoyed drinks as they waited for the dinner to be served.
Her father pointed out a few of the guests to me.
There were lots of bright, smiling faces all around.
And even more smiles as the food was served.
As the guests dined, friends of the couple took the mic to give toasts in honor of the soon-to-be-married couple.
Jason beamed as he listened to the loving tributes.
Sarah had several people speak on her behalf.
Jason and Sarah were blown away by the outpouring of love from their family and friends.
The speeches were the perfect way to wrap up an evening of great food and company.
Sarah was glowing with happiness and excitement as the last of the speeches were given.
Braxton and I left the party and headed back to our hotel to rest up for the wedding. We knew that if the rehearsal dinner was that eventful, we were going to have a momentous wedding to document the next day.
Check back very soon to see the photos from Jason and Sarah’s New York wedding!