Braxton and I traveled to New York City last month to photograph Sarah and Jason’s wedding. Braxton started off with Jason, who was seriously ready to get married.
Meanwhile, I was with Sarah. Stacy Pitt had finished up her hair and Carlo Geraci was getting started on her makeup.
Her Valentino shoes were perfectly polished and ready to be put on.
But the dress comes before the shoes.
Sarah put on her carefully chosen accessories to complete her bridal look….
While her bridesmaids waited patiently.
The finishing touch was an adorable jacket to keep her warm in the NYC winter while we photographed outside.
Time to meet up with Jason!
Jason was already there, eagerly anticipating his bride.
Jason couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sarah as we began taking some pre-ceremony photos.
After Sarah and Jason had a few moments together, the bridal party joined up with us for group photos.
The entire group moved on…
…to Brooklyn Bridge Park.
There, we took some pictures with this legendary structure and the skyline of the city in the background.
And what a day we had, too! It was a bright, clear and crisp December afternoon.
As we moved on to our next location, Sarah kicked off her shoes. Just because they’re gorgeous doesn’t mean they’re comfortable!
Sarah and Jason scouted some awesome locations. This was one of my favorites!
And the sun was in the perfect spot, too. I was having a great time playing with the light.
A shot of Jason and his groomsmen before moving on.
While we were walking, I had Sarah and her bridesmaids pose under this colorful awning. I couldn’t just pass it by!
Braxton and I took full advantage of this spot.
A few moments later we arrived at the Metropolitan Building where Sarah and Jason were holding their ceremony and reception.
And I fell in love with the building right away. Sarah and Jason took me on a tour of the space before the festivities began.
Who doesn’t love a good hall of mirrors?
Jason’s father spotted us through the door.
Every room had a unique aesthetic and style.
Whew! Sarah took a minute to grab a seat. It had been a busy day so far… and we were just getting started!
A quick minute to catch our collective breath, and then it was time for the ketubah and bedeken.
The witness gathered and listened as the ketubah was read aloud prior to signing.
Sarah was absolutely beaming with excitement and happiness.
And Jason couldn’t have been prouder.
Sarah’s father gives her a congratulatory kiss.
With the ketubah signed, the guests prepared for the wedding ceremony.
Sarah’s dad escorted her down the aisle and gave her away under the Chuppah where Jason was waiting for them.
Sarah observed the tradition of circling the groom three times when she reached the Chuppah.
Then the rabbi greeted the guests and the couple.
Sarah’s proud father watched from the first row.
Jason’s parents couldn’t have been happier for their son as they watched him make his vows to Sarah.
Their ceremony space was gorgeous as well. Kate from Green Apple Weddings & Events helped the couple with the planning and execution of the details.
The room was full of friends and family to share the day with Sarah and Jason.
The stringed lights from the ceiling was perfect. The ceremony looked incredible. I loved shooting it!
Jason and Sarah exchanged their rings…
…and then completed the ceremony with the traditional breaking of the glass. Mazel Tov!
The newlyweds took a few moments to themselves immediately after the ceremony to reflect on and celebrate their new union.
And Braxton and I set off to document cocktail hour. Guests were being guided from the floor of the building where the ceremony was held to the floor on which cocktail hour was being staged. A musician was on hand in the stairwell to provide some traveling music.
The drink selections for the cocktail hour were featured on this unique display.
Everybody was in a celebratory mood, too.
The guests all enjoyed cocktails, provided by Avril Kaye Catering while mingling.
I like this partygoer’s style! Triple fisting? Wow!
We were also treated to a beautiful sunset…
…that gave way to a spectacular view of the lit-up skyline.
Specially designed packs of tissues were given out as favors. There were more than a few people who made good use of them!
A card monster with a big appetite took a seat on the gift table.
Sarah and Jason tracked down a freelance designer on Etsy who created their programs.
While the guests finished up with cocktail hour, the final touches were completed in the dining hall.
The centerpieces were complimented with flowers by Melarosa, who did all the floral design for the day.
The band Asefa was all set up and playing their hearts out.
It was time to dance the hora!
Sarah couldn’t have been happier as she and her friends enjoyed the dancing festivities.
Next, Jason and Sarah put on their specially made t-shirts (and biggest smiles)…
…as their guests danced around them.
This much dancing takes up a lot of energy! It was the perfect time to refuel.
Jason found his bride in the crowd and led the way into the dining hall for the meal.
Once everyone was seated, Sarah’s father began the speeches by thanking everyone for sharing the day with his family.
The microphone was passed on to Sarah’s uncle who offered up his congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds.
The speeches brought tears…
and laughter.
And more laughs!
Last up were Sarah and Jason, who expressed their appreciation for the love and support shown to them on their wedding day.
After dinner and a few speeches they danced the night away.
The guests all showed off their best moves to the music played by DJ Kenan from Les Loups.
Partygoers enjoyed drinks and dancing well into the night.
One of the last things we did before heading out for the night was round up everyone for a big group shot. And what a great group it was, too.
Thanks for sharing your day with us, Jason and Sarah! Braxton and I had a great time and wish you both the best as you begin your lives together as husband and wife!