Sarah and Matt’s wedding day had finally arrived! I had a blast working with the couple at their engagement session last year and couldn’t wait to have more fun with them at their big celebration.

The day got started in Sarah’s bridal suite, where she was getting ready alongside her bridesmaids. Hair and makeup were all finished and the only thing left to do was get into the dress. With a little help from her attendants, Sarah slid into the dress and was ready to get married! “

“Here Jeremy, hold on to this for me!”
Sarah and the rest of the bridal party loaded on to the bus, ready to meet up with Matt for the couple’s first look. Our designated meet-up spot was the Art Institute garden. Matt was already there, in place, and ready to see his bride!
Sarah walked up behind Matt and gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. There were huge smiles on both their faces, and this was just the first of many happy moments for the day. After Matt and Sarah had a chance to look each other over, I posed them for a handful of portraits in the garden.
The bridal party jumped in for a group shot just before we left the garden. What a good-looking group!
Next stop was the LaSalle St. Bridge, a great place for us to make good use of the city skyline. Sarah and Matt even got brave enough to climb up on one of the railings for a few pictures!
The LaSalle St. Bridge is a wrap!
Matt led his groomsmen down the alley…
…so he could get a picture with his brothers. Lookin’ sharp, guys!
As the group ventured closer to the venue, we made a quick stop by one of my favorite stops. The gang had a lot of fun here!
Finally, we arrived at the ceremony and reception venue, Salvage One. We had plenty of time before guests arrived, so I took the group out to the courtyard for another round of pictures.
After we wrapped up the portrait session, everyone gathered inside to participate in the Ketubah signing. There were lots of smiles and laughs as the two families came together to observe this tradition.
Sarah and Matt’s moms even got a special shout out!
After the Ketubah was signed, both families circled the table in celebration.
Matt’s mom and dad couldn’t have been more proud of their son.
Shortly after the Ketubah signing, Sarah was escorted down the aisle by her father. Sarah took her place next to Matt and the Rabbi began what was a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.
With vows and rings exchanged and a kiss shared, Matt and Sarah were married! Mozel Tov!
The two slipped away upstairs, where they spent some time alone, enjoying the first few minutes of marriage with some celebratory champagne.
The guests settled in for a delicious dinner, and while plates were being cleared, Sarah’s dad kicked off speeches. The Maid of Honor and Matt’s brother took their turns, too, offering up toasts in honor of the newlyweds.
Finally, Matt’s dad took his turn, being sure to show off his new hair do.
Then Matt and Sarah opened up the dance floor, sharing their first dance as husband and wife.
It’s Hora time! All the guests rushed to the dance floor to participate in the dance. As you can see by the looks on Matt and Sarah’s faces, they had a blast!
When the Hora was finished, everyone flocked to the dance floor to show off their best dance moves. See for yourself in this collection of images from Sarah and Matt’s dance party:
What a party! Thank you for sharing it with me, Sarah and Matt! And congratulations on your marriage!!