Sarah and Matt were married over a year ago in a private ceremony. A few weeks ago they invited their all their family and friends to Salvage One for a renewal of vows and a party in celebration of the union.
There was one very important difference this time around… Sarah is 7 months pregnant!
Here’s Sarah with her stylist, Mikel Fischer of Mita Salon in Northfield, as family and friends watch her hair being done.
Sarah had just a few final touches to make before going downstairs for the ceremony.
Her husband, Matt, was already in the ceremony area clowning around with Sarah’s two brothers.
They greeted the guests as they entered and began to explore Salvage One.
The guests enjoyed cocktails and conversation while they waited for the main event.
One guest staked out her spot early.
The time was fast approaching. Everyone made their way over to the ceremony location so the service could begin.
Sarah and Matt took their place at the altar.
Their officiant greeted the couple and the guests and began the ceremony.
Matt’s mom watched proudly from the front row.
Sarah’s mom was all smiles, too.
The officiant, wanting to be sure that everyone could hear her, was using her outside voice during the ceremony. Matt winced a little at first, but then stifle back some giggles.
They exchanged rings and vows…
…and then wrapped things up with a kiss.
Time to party! My Pie was there with a buffet (that included ice cream!) for guest to chow down on.
Everybody was grateful to Matt for throwing such a great party.
Guests sat down to eat and watch Matt and Sarah enjoy the first dance of the evening. I think Sarah wanted to enjoy the moment quietly.
Then everyone joined in on the floor. DJ Dan Miro was there to keep everybody moving.
Everybody brought their best moves to the party.
Uh-oh. Watch out for this guy.
This guest danced until she dropped! Work it! She was tearing up some AC/DC.
Wow… these guests are serious about their dancing!
Looks like everyone had a great time.
Sarah and Matt had solicited advice for a happy marriage from their guests, and I took a picture of this gem as I made my way toward the door. So true.
When we got to the front door, we saw that it had been raining the entire time! No one at the party had even noticed we were so busy having fun.
Thanks for sharing your big day with me, Matt and Sarah.