This was a two day shoot for Demo Magazine at Columbia College. Second City and Columbia College offer a workshop/class for students from all over the the country for college credit. I knew when I was given this job that it was going to be a lot of fun. Crazy people with clever ideas never disappoint!
When I walked in the classroom they were giving speeches on their favorite comedians…
And then it was off to the rehearsal…
And the second day was the actual performance. I love when you arrive and the first thing you see are rubber chickens. Do I really do this for a living? CRAZY!
We took a few staged shots before the show.

That girl is WORKING the camera! =)

Um, love it.
And love this too!
Some warming up before the big show.
And here we go…
Sheldon Patinkin was there and enjoyed what he saw! Sheldon is Columbia’s theater chair and was also instrumental in founding Second City.
And the show was a success. They had a really nice crowd!
I took a quick shot backstage after the performance and I was gone…