I met Shannon at a wedding last fall. She is an awesome wedding planner in Chicago. We had so much fun at Heather and Andrew’s wedding that she asked me to photograph her big day. So glad she did!

I met up with her at the Sofitel for some getting ready shots. You could see her dress hanging in the window outside of Peter’s room!

When I got to her room she was reading a letter given to her by Peter.
The girls were getting ready for the waterworks!
She didn’t need a tissue. She was all smiles!
Braxton got a few shots of the guys getting ready. This usually takes about 2 minutes. =)
Guys getting ready means that beer is right around the corner…
I really love this shot of her putting her veil on and getting attacked by hairspray!
She looked amazing.
Braxton got a few shots of Peter hanging out at the MCA before their first encounter of the day!
Here she comes!
We were lucky enough to walk around the galleries that were full of color!
Mean. Just mean!
The wedding party met up with us on the steps of the museum.
I stole a shot while Ben Mahoney was doing his thang!
Loving the socks!
We were off to the bridge. I am sure you can guess which one! =)
This bridge is so great for big wedding parties.
Peter’s brother directed the guys to dance for the camera.
Shannon looking fabulous.
And more fabulous.
Peter was watching his bride and getting his pose on at the same time!
One last pose and it was time for the ceremony.
The girls tried to hide the bride as we made our way into the church.
Hanging out before making their way down the aisle!
Her sister posed with the program.
And finally, Shannon and her father made their way down the aisle.
The church was beautiful!
A reader.
A laugh.
Um, if looks could kill… =)
The priest gave them all a shower.
And the new couple!
Shannon drinks and Gaga watches.
Poker face!
The wedding party wanted to stop for more alcohol and Shannon was all for it!
I kind of begged her to do this. Thanks for being silly. =)
A thumbs up for Old Style.
No comment!
Nice rings! =)
The pink polish shot.
Natalie at Zuzu’s Petals did an awesome job on the flowers!
Shannon did an amazing job at adding some cool touches to the reception site. Her family owns the venue in the suburbs so she had to use it for the big night!
This was the ceiling in the cocktail area. So cool!
A Tipsy Cake!
They had a cookie bar and asked their families for their favorite recipes!
Chelsea and Shannon were married on the same day. Shannon’s sister and friend made sure that Shannon would never forget that fact. =)
Her father surprised her with some cocktail music! Check out the jeweled microphone!
The woman on the right must have spotted something that I missed!? =)
Shannon’s father and mother thank everyone for coming.
Peter’s father.
The bride and groom check out the slideshow that their family put together.
The first dance.
Some photo booth fun.
The mustache was a hit.
Some reception fun!
The rings!
Thanks for the fun!!!