Shelley and Tara were married just a few days ago, and in the weeks leading up to their big day, we got together for an engagement shoot. We started out in the Pilsen neighborhood, taking advantage of the front stoop of local eatery, La Cebollita. Mmmmmm… tamales…
There were a ton of colorful, artistic backdrops at our disposal, and we didn’t waste any time bouncing from one place to the next. Lots to do and see!
I love that engagement shoots give my clients and I a chance to get to know each other a little better in preparation for the big day. And as I got to know Shelley and Tara, I got more and more excited to learn what they had planned for their wedding. I’m already looking forward to sharing the pictures from the day!
We were making great time, and had the opportunity to stop at many of my favorite murals. I was thrilled that these two were open to checking out these great backdrops.
Eventually we found ourselves out in the West Loop, just as the sun began to set.
The lighting was perfect for a round of pictures in the rail yard, with the city’s skyline lit up by the setting sun.
We wrapped things up while there was still sunlight to spare… there was one more important stop we had to make!
Shelley, Tara and I travelled back to their home to get in some pictures with their pups. Check out these adorable faces!
Shelley and Tara, it was great working with you… check back soon for pictures from their wedding!