The big day was finally here! I had photographed Sophie and Dave’s engagement session in San Francisco last year, and had been counting the days until their Minneapolis wedding ever since. A light rain was falling as I arrived at Sophie’s parent’s home, where the bride was getting ready.
Sophie’s bridesmaids were there as well, making the home buzz with excitement as Sophie finished her preparations. Laurie and Michelle from The Uptown Hair District had finished her hair and make-up, and she was ready to walk the aisle.
Dave had sent a card and a gift for his bride to open before heading out.
Dave gave Sophie a beautiful bracelet that all the bridesmaids couldn’t help but admire.
Here’s a detail that Sophie hadn’t noticed until recently… the design of her shoes was called “Davie”. How appropriate!
Sophie plopped down next to her father on the couch for a quick laugh.
And this is Sophie’s mom, reacting to the card given to her by her daughter.
Save some happy tears for the ceremony, mom!
All the girls grabbed a glass of champagne for a toast before heading out to meet the guys.
A quick peek outside revealed that the rain had stopped…
…but we still had to be mindful of the dress. Sophie’s beautiful wedding gown was designed by Melissa Sweet of Priscilla of Boston.
Sophie had a few minutes to reflect as we drove to the church to meet Dave.
And here’s the groom, waiting in front of the church for us to arrive.
Sophie brought along her card for Dave and read it out loud. Her words were super sweet and heartfelt- everyone around teared up!
Such a happy couple.
Time to start this wedding day!
This is Sophie’s brother, Jesse. I photographed his wedding to his wife Melissa a few years back. Here, I had brother and sister re-enact a pose from a photo…
…taken in their childhood. Well… can’t blame a photographer for trying.
Enough photos for now! Time to head inside for the ceremony.
At the altar, tears welled up in Dave’s eyes the second he saw his bride.
Sophie’s dad escorted her down the aisle.
He gave his daughter’s hand to Dave, and the pastor began the ceremony.
The priest began the wedding by blessing the couple.
After exchanging rings and vows, Sophie and Dave lit a traditional unity candle.
Sophie needed a little help extinguishing her wick!
Congratulations, Sophie and Dave!
The excitement was palpable after the ceremony. Look at those happy faces!
The newlyweds and I grabbed the wedding party and boarded the trolley for some photos before the reception.
Sophie noticed something as we pulled up to our first photo stop…
…one of the couples that were at the wedding were getting a jog in before the reception.
Our first location was the wonderful Lyndale Park Garden.
The rain earlier in the day made all the flowers perk up just in time for photos.
Then we headed across the street to pose with the wedding party at Lake Harriet Bandshell.
The wedding party gave the newlyweds a round of applause as they made their way up to the stage.
Sophie and Dave enjoy a solo moment, center stage.
And then I noticed this print on one of the benches and had to photograph them behind it.
Born and bred!
These next two photos are murals we spotted on our way to the next location. I love the colors…
The bride and groom’s first picture at the Walker Art Center.
Dave tried his best to round up the groomsmen for a few shots, too.
A quick shot of the whole wedding party…
…and then it was time to hurry off. Cocktail hour was rapidly approaching!
Awww… Dave’s sister and her fiancĂ©e had some nuzzle time on the trolley.
The guests were gathered in the ballroom at Calhoun Beach Club, enjoying cocktails and company.
Sophie and Dave made their big entrance down the ballroom’s grand staircase. Sophie’s mom arranged for musicians to play a special song for the moment.
It was a surprise that meant a lot to Sophie.
Not ones to waste time, Sophie and Dave dove into the cake. The delicious cake was created at family friend (and master baker) Patti’s business yum! Bakery.
While Sophie and Dave enjoyed their guests, Leah and I set out to take pictures of the day’s details. Every guest received a package like this at their hotel room. It was filled with treats, maps and suggestions on what to do in Minneapolis. The calligraphy work was done by the talented Crystal Kluge.
A shot of Sophie’s bouquet, arranged by the florists at Arts & Flowers.
The flowers were gorgeous and every detail was perfect. Joan Nilsen, of Ambiente served as day-of planner, making sure everything was organized and ready for the party.
The place cards were settled nicely into their hangers, waiting to be discovered by hungry guests.
Guests were encouraged to write well wishes for the couple on these cards, then hang them on a tree. I’m a fan of this wish, but we have a party to enjoy first!
Sophie and Dave were swarmed by their loved ones as they entered the reception.
The band played a quick dance set before D’Amico Kitchen served up dinner.
This group was ready to party! Feet remained on the dance floor even when the food was out.
I could already tell that this party was going to rage on into the night.
Sophie and brother Jesse, cutting a rug.
This bride needs more party fuel! Better have a seat and grab a bite, Sophie!
The bride’s parents were the first at the mic to give speeches in honor of their daughter and new son-in-law.
Their speeches made the newlyweds laugh and cry, and warranted big bear hugs at the close.
The maid of honor gave her toast to the couple, while Dave’s brother, who was also the best man, contemplated chugging both glasses of “toast” wine he was holding.
I made sure to get a shot of this guests, who’s hands were resting in a perfect heart shape.
The best man delivered a tribute to his brother and new sister.
And finally, Sophie and Dave thanked all the guests for their love and support on their most special day.
Sophie took the floor with her father as they shared a dance.
They were looking good!
And then Sophie and Dave enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife.
Then all bets were off! Casablanca Orchestra began to rock out the party music and the guests got wild!
Dave’s brother was especially ready to party.
You can usually tell how long a party’s been going on by how loose the ties and dress shirts are.
And when this happens, you know the party’s in full swing.
Sophie’s sister-in-law Melissa, bringing model face realness for the camera.
Yup. It was that kind of dance floor.
Sophie and Dave both work for Google, and it’s where they first met. Dave started just two weeks after Sophie, and their work spaces were right next to each other. It seemed only fitting to take the ring shot in front of the Google search page.
What an awesome day. I hated to drag Sophie and Dave away from the party, but I wanted just one last quick shot before leaving. I snapped the picture, put down my camera, looked to the side…
…and this is what I saw. Gah! I was outta there!
Congratulations, Sophie and Dave! I had a wonderful time with both of you and your family. I wish you much happiness and years of continued blessings!