Sophie + Dave = a fun afternoon exploring San Francisco! These two, who are currently living in Northern California, will be getting married next year. We worked it out so their engagement session could be done in San Fran where they met and spent the first years of their relationship. I was terribly excited to shoot this fun couple in one of my favorite cities. I grabbed my California partner in crime, Jenny Elwick, and we headed into the city.
Sophie and Dave met us at the gorgeous Palace of Fine Arts.
The Palace of Fine Arts is located in the same neighborhood Dave used to live in. Sophie was willing to work up a sweat for a good shot!
In the early days of their relationship, the two would go through the palace on their daily run.
Nearby was one of America’s most crooked streets- Lombard Street.
Like the Palace of Fine Arts, Lombard Street was only a few blocks away from Dave’s old apartment.
It’s a cool-looking street, but I think I’d rather drive it than walk it!
What makes teacup poodles so special?
Since we were so close by, we took a peek at Dave’s old stomping grounds. These steps led right up to his old apartment.
Then it was prop time!
Jenny’s super-crafty sister Elaine, who operates Rock ‘N Roll Crafts designed the equation props we used.
Thanks, Elaine!
We were traveling through the North Beach area, where Sophie and Dave spent their early days together exploring the tiny shops and restaurants, when Sophie had a most fantastic idea.
Stop for gelato!
The Steps of Rome holds historical significance as well. It’s where Dave threw the first of what will be many birthday parties for Sophie.
The gelato was a wonderful treat… but it just wasn’t enough.
We had to hit up the sweets shop, too.
Much like myself, Sophie and Dave are big fans of sugary treats.
Heaven for sugar junkies!
Check out that view!
These were taken at the top of Nob Hill.
Our couple jumped on a cable car for a quick ride.
They got off a the top of the hill…
…and had a little party by themselves.
We took a leisurely stroll through Chinatown on our way to the Mission District…
One of Sophie and Dave’s friends just opened tStraw, a carnival-themed restaurant in Hayes Valley.
Before we went in, though, Sophie spotted this sticker. I had photographed her brother Jesse’s engagement session in New York over a year prior. I had taken a photo of Jesse and his now wife, Melissa, in front of a mural of his exact image on the opposite coast! Small world after all, huh?

Straw is the coolest. The inside is decorated just like a carnival, complete with part of an old carnival ride.
Dave tried his best, but just couldn’t match the expression on the child’s face in the mural. Guess we know who appreciates cotton candy more.
Next up, Sophie and Dave took me around the Mission District.
I wish we had an area similar to the Mission District in Chicago. I could shoot a session there a couple times a week for the next year and still have new murals to shoot in front of.
Then there was a dinosaur invasion, so we hit it quick.
Dave was so startled, he grabbed Sophie and didn’t stop running until he was halfway up the Moraga Steps.
This beautiful tile mosaic extends over 163 steps, making one long, continuous mural.
It was getting a little chilly! Dave pulled Sophie closer so they could warm up a little.
The cool weather was indicative of famous San Fran fog rolling in.
We ended up in scenic Land’s End, just off the coast, as the fog was at it’s peak.
It was mossy, damp and earthy there. I loved it!
Then they danced…
It was so easy to work with Sophie and Dave. They are so in love and so cute together. I think they were having just as much fun as I was.
The fog was clearing up a little bit, and we moved down to the shoreline.
Kissing by the pier.
And leaving our hearts in San Francisco. I know. Cheese-tastic.
Sophie and Dave, I can’t thank you two enough for the incredible tour around San Francisco. I’m more excited than ever to photograph your wedding- it’s going to be awesome! See you soon!