Stephanie and Alex travelled all the way from Texas to Chicago for their wedding. Alex, who serves in the military, is stationed in the Lone Star state, and that’s where the couple currently resides. Stephanie’s heart remains in Chicago, though, so that’s where her dream wedding had to be held. They wanted to hit as many of the iconic Chicago backdrops as we could, and I was happy to oblige.

Stephanie and Alex had an awesome team working with them on their wedding! Their ceremony and reception were held at Newberry Library and Pam Spritz from Jordan’s Food of Distinction kept details organized and made sure the celebration went off without a hitch. Jordan’s also served a fantastic meal and magnificent cake. DJ Sasha Savic kept the party hopping late into the night.

Plans for the day looked fantastic, and I was ready to go! So were Stephanie and her bridesmaids as they prepared for the day at Sofitel Chicago – Water Tower.

Stephanie was joined by her mother, Alex’s mother and her bridesmaids as the final touches were put in to place.
A bottle of champagne was carefully opened to begin the celebration.
And here’s the groom, Alex, reviewing his vows one last time before setting out for the day. In the pictures that follow, Alex and Stephanie share their first look in the hallway adjacent to Stephanie’s bridal suite.
One last snapshot from Alex’s mom, and we were off to begin our pre-ceremony shoot around the city.
We had an awesome itinerary lined up, too! In the series that follows, you’ll see images taken at our first two stops: the museum campus and Millennium Park.
Back on the trolley, heading toward Wrigley Field. A most excellent opportunity to pop another bottle and get in some dancing!
The stop at Wrigley Field was one of the highlights of the day. Things started off with group pictures in the front of the stadium…
…and really took off when a couple leaving the game gave their tickets to Alex and Stephanie. They were both grinning ear to ear as we made our way though the crowd. And I have to say, the staff at Wrigley were incredibly accommodating! Alex and Stephanie were given all-star treatment during our quick spin through the park.
Nothing could top this, though: the couple was presented with the game ball just before we left the stadium. Alex’s face says it all!
Thanks, Wrigley! You played a big part in making sure this was an awesome start to Alex or Stephanie’s marriage!
Alex hailed us a cab, and we went to join up with the rest of the wedding party. They had gone to a bar up the road for a round of drinks while we shot inside Wrigley. Our plan was to meet up with them after taking a quick picture at Stephanie’s old neighborhood train stop.
We rolled up the the bar to meet the rest of the crew. Alex was so excited to tell them about the Wrigley experience- and share in a round of drinks!
We had just enough time for one round of portraits at the LaSalle Street Bridge, featured below. Stephanie was helped up on to the railing by some of the groomsmen- and was even joined by one for a picture!
The time was here! Everyone gathered back onto the trolley and journeyed back to the Newberry Library for the ceremony.
Friends and family had already begun to gather, including Stephanie’s grandfather, who found a comfortable seat to enjoy while waiting for the ceremony to start.
And soon after, Alex was in his place, tearing up a bit, watching as Stephanie’s mother escorted the bride down the library steps. The ceremony was special for many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that Stephanie’s father presided over the ceremony. Several friends and family members participated as well, delivering readings in honor of the union. The marriage was made official with the exchange of rings and vows, and of course, a first kiss.
Her and mom.
The newlyweds exited the library, met by a shower of bubbles, courtesy of their guests. There was much cheering and celebration, followed by a group shot of everyone in attendance before heading back inside for cocktail hour.
Stephanie and Alex made the most of their entrance into the reception, kicking off the celebration with an energetic start.
Alex and his buddies serenaded the bride…
…and then Stephanie shared a dance with her father.
Alex and his mom were up next with a twirl around the dance floor…
…and then after an outfit change, the newlyweds thrilled their guests with a choreographed routine that blew everyone’s socks off. They really went crazy with it!!
Then the party kicked into high gear, with all guests jumping on the dance floor, ready to show off their best moves. The following are just a sampling of some of the incredible dance photos I took that night:
And yes, there was break dancing. Of course there was break dancing.
But Alex had the sweetest moves of all.
We could all learn a thing or two from him.
What a day! What a party! What a couple!
Congratulations on your marriage, Stephanie and Alex. It was an absolute pleasure to have met you both and share the day with you!