Here’s my bride Stephanie, getting a few quick bites of energy on her wedding day! She was just a few short hours away from marrying her fiance, Cameron. She had just finished her makeup, which was done by artists from Bridal Beauty Chicago.
With makeup done, it’s time to put on the veil.
And then the dress!
Her mom helped out with buttoning up.
A quick straightening out, making sure everything is in place.
Her dad sees her for the first time that day.
Meanwhile, Cameron was fueling up with some pizza…
…and watching some football.
That pretty much sums up the guys getting ready!
All dressed up and ready to go, Stephanie exits through the lobby of The Belden-Stratford Hotel where she got ready.
Some quick dress maintenance before heading out…
The bridal party boards the trolley to head out to the cathedral.
The trouble-makers always sit in the back…
Cameron and his groomsmen share a shot before making their way to the ceremony.
Everybody filtered into St. Vincent De Paul Cathedral for the ceremony.
Their mothers lit the unity candle.
…and Cameron took his place.
Stephanie’s dad walks her down the aisle.
He was making sure that I got the shot!
The service begins with a reading from one of the couple’s friends.
A hug from mom…
Stephanie and Cameron exchange their vows.
It was a full house!
All the young ones got together for a group picture. What a good lookin’ bunch of kids!
And we were off to our first location!
The celebration begins by popping open a bottle of Champagne.
Time for pictures!
This guy was photo-bombing us!
Cameron and his groomsmen.
Next, Cameron, Stephanie and myself set out for pictures.
Cameron helps Stephanie with her solo shot.
We hopped on a stopped train for the next group of pictures.
Cameron helps Stephanie off the train so her dress stays clean and sparkling white!
Wedding party spotting.
Now for some time with the Kinzie Street bridge!
Stephanie and her bridesmaids. The gorgeous bouquets were designed by Scarlet Petal.
The guys…
And then everyone together.
Cameron helps out a bridesmaid whose shoes were getting stuck in the bridge grating.
Stephanie’s brother hams it up for the camera. Guess what his name is?
It was a party back on the trolley!
Finally, we stopped in the financial district.
The bridesmaids were very helpful with some shoe troubles.
We posed it up at the train stop.
All this moving around taking pictures works up quite a thirst. Cameron suggested we stop for some Diet Cokes.
A man after my own heart.
Party time! We all headed over to the reception site, Cafe Brauer.
The inside was beautifully decorated with lovely fall colors and flowers.
The cake was so beautiful. It was designed and baked by Bakery Gingham.
A limerick in honor of the couple. Stephanie’s mother can take credit for this great idea!
The floral decorations were done by Scarlet Petal.
While Food For Thought served dinner, Stephanie’s dad thanked the guests for spending the day with his family.
Then the best man proposed a toast.
Followed by the maid of honor, who gave her best wishes for the couple.
Cameron and Stephanie addressed their guests.
After their speech, the couple enjoyed their first dance.
Then they held the father/daughter dance.
312 Photo Booth was there (with props!) for people to take pictures. They’re always so fun!
Here Stephanie and Cameron pose with the professors from DePaul that assigned the two to be in the same group for a senior year Honors Marketing IME class. They’re essentially the two responsible for Stephanie and Cameron getting together!
The guests danced to music played by Toast and Jam .
Cameron and Stephanie, cutting loose with their guests.
Everybody was dancing up a storm!
The day went off seamlessly, thanks to planning by Marilyn at Honeybee Weddings.
Not sure what she is doing but I like it!
I stopped to say good-bye and congratulations to the happy couple on my way out. I caught Stephanie by surprise!
Thanks for sharing your day with me, Cameron and Stephanie. All the best to you both as you begin your life together as man and wife!