I had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time, but definitely not as much as our pals Stephanie & Karl. I’ve collaborated with Stephanie, who works with Ben Mahoney Productions, at many weddings over the years and it was finally her turn to walk the aisle. Her day began, of course, with hair and makeup styling for herself and her bridesmaids completed by Beth, Crystal and Jo of BMP partner Epoch Studio Salon.
The bridesmaids were ecstatic to be celebrating Stephanie and Karl’s union. There was so much energy, light and laughter in the room while preparations were being made…
…except for this little grey raincloud. Just kidding. Ben may have been the happiest bridesmaid of them all.
The glamour was already reaching atmospheric heights. I could tell this was going to be a wedding for the ages.
Have you ever seen a happier, more excited bride? Stephanie was absolutely glowing as the final touches were made on her hair.
Meanwhile, Leah was with Karl as he wrote a pre-ceremony love letter to his bride.
When the letter was signed and sealed, Karl and his groomsmen got cozy for a couple of group portraits.
Back in the bridal suite, Stephanie had her dress on and was stepping into her shoes.
Her proud mama was close by, smiling ear to ear.
Also close by Stephanie’s side was the Leap Weddings production crew. This may have been one of the most thoroughly-documented weddings in history!
Presenting our gorgeous bride!
Stephanie’s mom leaned in for a quick kiss before her daughter left to meet up with Karl…
…and Ben followed suit.
Karl and his groomsmen were ready to roll, too, and couldn’t have looked more dashing as they made their way to the designated meeting area.
Once he was in position, Karl strapped on his dinosaur mask. No early peeks at the bride!
What a perfect way to begin their day together. After a few moments greeting each other and a couple of pictures with the wedding party…
…the bride and groom snuck off with me for pre-ceremony photos in a pumpkin patch.
The corn maze was calling our names, and we set out to explore its leafy confines.
Posing as another famous couple was only appropriate.
We even had time for Karl and Stephanie to pick some pumpkins.
I love fall weddings. These sunflowers were at their peak; perfect for portraits.
And you know I headed straight for the old barn for pictures. I can’t get enough of old barns.
Stephanie’s bouquet, which was created by Alex of Exquisite Designs, was gorgeous.
Stephanie set the bouquet down for a moment when she and Karl spotted this tire swing.
Watch out for those heels, Karl!
Whew! Close call!
Stephanie was having a blast, and I was having a blast photographing her.
Karl and the BMP crew were having a good time as well!
After a few good pushes on the tire swing, Stephanie and Karl were ready to explore some more. Not far away was this length of tubing… whatever could it be used for?
Barrel rolls!! Stephanie wasted no time crawling inside.
Snug as a bug in a rug.
The pumpkin patch was good to us and we hated to leave…
…but the members of the wedding party (and even more good times) were waiting for us!
The excitement was palpable as everyone gathered in for group portraits.
Yowza! Poopy’s is the fine dining establishment at which Stephanie held her bachelorette party. The bridesmaids were more than happy to show off their souvenirs from the trip.
Love and laughs were all around!
I had Stephanie display her bouquet while sitting on a nearby picnic table…
…before Karl came to join her. Ceremony time was drawing near so we began to wrap things up.
High-five for an awesome shoot!
Soon we were all in position at The Abbey Resort, watching the blushing bride as she was escorted down the aisle by her father.
A friend of Karl and Stephanie’s delivered a wonderful performance for the processional.
And Karl lit up as Stephanie arrived by his side.
Karl’s mom couldn’t have been more proud as she watched the ceremony.
This gazebo was the perfect place to hold the ceremony.
Stephanie was the first to deliver vows.
There were laughs…
…and happy tears…
…and then a ring exchange.
The deal was sealed with a big kiss!
Congratulations, Stephanie and Karl!
Stephanie’s mom found her daughter right after the ceremony for a congratulatory hug…
…and the rest of the guests filed into the tent to enjoy cocktail hour.
The newlyweds weren’t far behind as they made their big entrance into the reception.
Dinner was followed up with speeches in honor of Stephanie and Karl. Karl’s best man was the first to take up the mic and toast the newlyweds.
Stephanie’s maid of honor was up next with her tribute.
Meanwhile, Stephanie’s man of honor was prepping for his speech. Nobody was aware of this costume change- especially not Stephanie and Karl!
Ben took care of some business…
…and then gave the couple one of the best surprises of the evening.
One guest made her feelings for Ben’s new look well known.
Ben felt and looked pretty as he gave his toast in honor of his friends Karl and Stephanie.
Ben never fails to impress!
The happy couple wrapped up the speeches by letting their guests know how much their love and support were appreciated.
And then they shared their first dance as husband and wife.
They were quick to put on their party faces as Al from Okyne Media Lab began dropping dance tracks.
And the rest of the guests weren’t afraid to hit the dance floor, either…
…as they brought out their sweetest dance moves.
Stephanie and her mom enjoyed a laugh…
…while Ben serenaded the crowd.
Keep an eye out for that crazed Triceratops!
Awww… Turns out Triceratops is a lovebug.
The party only got more furious as the night went on.
I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all!
It was one heck of a celebration…
…and no one celebrated harder than Stephanie and Karl.
Congratulations on your marriage, Stephanie and Karl! I’m so happy I was able to spend this unbelievably fun day with you!