It was a perfect day in Champaign/Urbana…um…or…Urbana/Champaign?! =)

This was one of the first places that I discovered when I got there and it was right by their place. This pretty much looks like the best fall street ever!

They scouted some great locations. Here is one of them!

The light inside of this barn was amazing…

Another cool spot! The one thing I really miss about living in the country are the great barns and beautiful scenery. It was so much fun shooting around these locations, especially during the fall!!
AH! More amazing light. This was a building on the campus of U of I.
They both teach architecture on campus and this was a favorite spot of Stewart’s. The education building…
There were some great spots on top of the Krannert Performing Arts Center.
I love this one!
We headed back to their AWESOME house. This was a shot we took in their garden.
And then it was time for a quick change of clothes. Stewart had to take an online refresher course on tying a tie. =)
Some last minute touch-ups…
Their cat was so confused!! I was trying to get photos but she was not impressed. =)
Um, this was the ceiling in their home. Crazy, right? I had to get this before we headed out again!
The locations just kept on coming!!
I loved their second look. They even matched!
This place was great!!
Some shadows and sun flares…
They bought some flowers to decorate their home for the shoot. We had to take photos around their house…
I think this one is fun!
Yes, a pool in the middle of their house. I think that my excitement for their home may have been a bit creepy. Ha!
We definitely took full advantage of 408! Thanks for inviting me to your place and for the great shoot!!
See you at the wedding…