Bucks (below) annual Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off was a huge success again. I lost. I lost HARD.

Here is Buck inspecting some of the competition.

The trophy that Buck made a few years ago for the winner (who was NOT me). Ok, maybe a little bitter. =)
We were told to name the chili. This was pretty tame compared to others…
Vallea looks very happy to be tending the bar.
A happy patron.
Another one!
There were TVs in pretty much every room….and yes, even the bathroom.
There were darts…
and willing participants…
And some foosball matches.
Richard was rocking out the parrot shirt. I love the colors in this one.
They had box seats.
Stacia was NOT impressed.
Yeah, it was pretty hard getting through the crowds. It was packed!
This must be the new Super Bowl shuffle…
The look of ‘too much chili’.
Bucks bar makes him happy. TOO happy.
Robert putting the moves on Julie…
Stacia greets Becky at the door.
Becky and Stacia
Vallea being Vallea…
Julie has had enough of Roberts advances…
Nick just cant bear to watch Robert in action…
Jarrod is over the whole thing…
Luke and the white tiger.
Jason catching me stuffing my face.
Jason and beer.
Luke and a cookie.
Becky – What, you want to take MY picture….’pose’.

Jason – MMMmmhHHHhMMmm, take her picture and not mine.
I love this shot of Andy.
I am assuming that half of the people at the party (including Jarrod and myself) were just cheering because of peer pressure.
Matt, pointing.
Praying for the Cardinals. They lost. Her dreams were crushed. GAME OVER!! Yay…time for The Office.