When I first moved to Chicago from Indiana, I got a job at a camera store (way back in the pre-digital age, when we took pictures on film), and while working there, I met Susie. Susie and I have kept in contact over the years, and I was honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding.

Susie and Jacob held their ceremony at Hope Cafe, a coffeeshop affiliated with Chicago’s Hope Academy. It was the perfect setting for their meaningful, personalized and heartfelt ceremony.

Guests were given flowers before the ceremony began, and after Susie and Jacob made their entrance, the couple collected the flowers, making a bouquet to represent the coming together of their loved ones through their union.
Those flowers made a gorgeous bouquet! This flower gathering ceremony – as well as the entirety of the proceedings – was presided over by two of Susie and Jacob’s closest friends, seen below.
Susie’s face was glowing as she read her vow to Jacob.
Susie’s mom participated by playing her guitar during the ceremony.
And special loved ones delivered readings that reflected the bond between the couple.
With rings and vows exchanged, Susie and Jacob were married! Congratulations!
They wasted no time moving into the celebration, as the newlyweds began dancing a few moments after the ceremony.
Susie’s dad was quick to join the dance floor, showing off his special moves.
Jacob’s mom and brother were ready to dance, too!
Susie and Jacob were showered with greenery as they made their exit.
The three of us headed out into Jacob and Susie’s Pilsen neighborhood to take a few portraits. They love living in Pilsen and were excited to show me some of their favorite spots.
This mural is very close to Susie and Jacob’s apartment and train stop. They see it almost every day!
Since we were so close by, we took a few portraits on the stoop of Susie and Jacob’s building.
And as luck would have it, the paleta cart came by as we were wrapping up!
Congratulations on your marriage, Jacob and Susie! Thank you for including me in the day!