Its time to post a wedding again! I am so ready to start posting more weddings…its been too long. Tara and Josh had a crazy time in Evanston. They were so excited for photos and it was a blast walking around Evanston (I love Evanston) with them!

I knew it would be a crazy day when her mother was in the backyard helping me with the dress shot.

Tara clearing a path for some photos!
Yes, its broccoli.
Heading out to meet up with Josh…
He was anxiously awaiting the bride. I loved his little pre-Tara dance.
Tara was really excited for him to see her in her dress!
And then the crazy came to Evanston! =)
I love this place!
We shot in the movie theater parking garage. I know this place well. =)
I am in love with this one!
Some ‘middle of the road’ shots.
Josh works with video games all day. I thought this was pretty appropriate for the two of them!
Tara and her friends have names for each other. Here they are…
And the Ketubah signing begins…
Josh’s mother…
And the ceremony…
Her mother was all smiles!
Some beautiful singing from one of Tara’s friends.
The light in the room was great!
Tara got emotional during her vows…
Her father did too!
The cocktail hour was full of light!
This shot of her father getting ready to speak is one of my favorites!
His mother wishing them well…
Some cake.
A sweet dance…
And then its time for breakfast! This was my first ‘breakfast for dinner’ wedding. Very cool!
And then some dance madness…
And then we got to sneak outside for some more shots!
And here is to a happy start together!!! Thanks for having me.