The Gersic Family was in town recently, enjoying the summer weather and having a family photo session. I met up with them downtown and we got right down to work. Siblings Tyler and Maya were ready to go- and I have to compliment these two! They are naturals in front of the camera. Very open to directions and always smiling… a photographer’s dream!!
Baby sister Amelia was there, too. She was very curious about the guy carrying the camera around.
Our first stop was the Kinzie Street Bridge. After a few group portraits, Tyler had a few moments to climb the rafters, which he had a blast doing.
Next up was a funny face competition, which Maya ruled. The family took turns posing together and having fun with each other at all the different stops.
Amelia and her Mom had big smiles for the camera.
Tyler and Maya did an excellent job balancing on the rails- it’s trickier than it looks!
Amelia’s already getting the hang of it.
You know what they say about the family that wrestles together!
Things wrapped up with a portrait of mom and dad together. Nice work from everybody! You deserve a treat…
…how about a trip to the park?!?! The kids were all on board for that! They hit the ground running, checking out all the cool playground equipment and having a blast.
I had such a great time hanging out with you, Gersic family! Enjoy your summer and check back in with me soon!