I got together with the Kaplan family recently to take some family portraits. They were all excited and ready for their time in front of the camera!
The fun continued as we set up a pose on the stairs…
…with lots of giggles and laughs!
The brothers snuggle up for a photo.
Taking pictures is exhausting…
…time to get someone else a turn!
Can you believe that their pup winked at me? That’s one photogenic dog!
The pets went out to play in the yard…
…and we weren’t far behind.
The Kaplans have a fantastic play set in their back yard, and the brothers each took a turn giving the other a push on the swing.
Dad wanted to get in on the fun, too!
And don’t forget Mom!
Next up was a slip on the slide.
It was great to meet you, Kaplan family! Have a happy holiday!