Meet the Long family!
Parents James and Mary Beth brought their daughter Ada and puppy Buddy to the lake shore to take some pictures with me.
Buddy was being a great model, but we let him sit out after the first couple of shots.
They are such a fun family.
And they’re not afraid to make silly faces for the camera!
Ada demonstrated how adventurous she is as she climbed across the rocks.
Mom and Dad kept a close eye on her as she explored.
Then the brave girl found a flock of geese to play with.
But they had to move along… time to fly south for winter, you know.
Ada was running through the field when she made another discovery…
cottonweed plants!
Ada was having a great time with nature. She made a quick friend with this woolly-worm.
This one brought good news.
Legend has it that the narrower the brown band on the woolly-worm, the harsher the winter weather will be. Let’s hope this guy’s right and we have a milder Chicago winter than last year!
Buddy was licking his lips… that must mean it was about time to eat. I said good-bye to the Long family and they went in search of a snack for Buddy.
It was great having nature adventures with you, Mary Beth, James, Ada and Buddy! I hope you enjoyed your photoshoot and have a safe and fun winter!