Kiran and Rich asked me to come over and take some photos of the newest addition to their family, Cooper. Cooper was just finishing up with a nap when I arrived.
Cooper’s mom, Kiran, helped out with the wake-up process.
Then he was wide-eyed and ready for pictures.
What a pose!
Such a cutie. Kiran joins the family with two fur-siblings already in place.
There’s Taboo the cat getting some help with her pose…
…and Marshall the dog, too! Here’s Marshall getting one of his favorite snacks.
Taboo and Marshall stayed at home as the rest of us went out to take photos by the lake.
Check out Cooper’s winter coat!
I mean… it just doesn’t get much cuter than this.
It was great meeting you and your family, Cooper! I know your bear coat will keep you nice and toasty through your first Chicago winter!