Reed just turned 6! I couldn’t believe a year had passed since his 5th birthday shoot, and I really couldn’t wrap my mind around how much he’d grown up!
I met Reed at the park, where he, his parents, and his dog Ringo were enjoying the beautiful fall weather.
Here’s Reed giving his buddy Ringo a big hug. I remembered back to when the family first adopted Ringo this past summer. Time flies!
Mom couldn’t help but get some cuddles in, too.
It’s been wonderful working with the Metzler family and watching Reed grow. He’s getting so comfortable being in front of the camera.
Ringo is a work in progress, though!
There were plenty of fall colors on display as the family posed for group portraits.
Reed enjoyed some one on one time with his dad…
…and mom got a few hugs, too.
Our second shooting location was the family’s home, where they had fun props ready to use.
Ringo was done! Time to go inside!
Reed showed me his room and his bed-jumping skills (after his parents gave permission, of course!).
Kickin’ back, relaxin’.
I know that look! Reed had an idea…
Reed loves taking pictures and I was happy to hand my camera over to him. This is the photo he took. Nice work, Reed!
It was great to see you again, Metzler family! I can’t wait to see you again very soon!