I was thrilled when the Metzler family called me up for another photo session.
I had a great time photographing the family before and was excited to see them again for Reed’s fifth birthday.
Here’s Reed, pointing out his favorite Chicago landmark.
And then he balanced it on his head!
We were making our way around the lake when Reed saw something that excited him.
The ferris wheel at Navy Pier! He jumped for joy.
Ever the nature lover, he was inspired to hug a tree.
We were having a great time taking photos and being silly. Then I thought of another place Reed might enjoy.
The monster house! Here Reed is trying to break in with some help from his dad, Gary, and his mom, Jean.
No luck, though. Probably for the best.
We headed back to the Metzler’s home, where Reed showed me his jack-o’-lantern balloon. He must know how much I love Halloween.
The whole crew went up to his room where he read to us from some of the pop-up books he received for his birthday.
Reed is a photographer in training! I handed my camera over to him and he took this great picture of his mom and dad playing with his toys.
He gave me a quick lightsaber lesson in return for the photography tips.
As I was walking to the car, he showed me his Halloween costume. Spiderman to the rescue!
It was great seeing you again, Metzler family! Happy belated birthday to Reed, and have a happy and safe Halloween!