It’s always good to see the Nandan family! I shot their wedding and have photographed son Harris, seen below, since he was born. Things really got fun when sister Lila was born a few years ago. For this shoot I met up with the Nandans at the Morton Arboretum. Harris was excited to see me, and used the map to show me where he wanted to start the shoot at.

He showed me the way through the tunnel…
…but Lila found something better that she wanted to play with.
An awesome playhouse!
Lila invited me inside, but unfortunately, I’m much too large.
No worries! They climbed on the acorns instead.
And then mom and dad joined us for a picture of the whole family.
Harris ventured up the ladder and into the playhouse.
He gave me a peace sign from the top…
…and then climbed down the net.
Lila was feeling brave and joined her brother on the rope bridge.
Dad was feeling neglected, so the siblings let him toss them in the air for awhile.
Whew! Playing can really wear a guy out!
As we walked back to the car, I took a few more shots of the family in front of some beautiful fall foliage.
What a cute pair.
And a most excellent big brother.
Harris got some love from his mom, Holly.
And then his dad, Kern, gave him a piggyback all the way to the car.
Finally, with kids worn out, Kern and Holly had just enough time for a photo together.
It’s always good to hang out with you, Nandan family! Have a great holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!