Fulton Market was taken over by Kristen and Tim a few weeks ago…
They had a very cool ceremony at the Black Walnut Gallery. Such a cool space!
Kristen and the ladies were getting ready downstairs as the guests arrived.
She wasn’t even posing!
Braxton was hanging out with the guys at Tim’s friends place in Wicker Park.
Love the exterior of his building!
Kristen’s mother watching for guests to fill the space.
As the guests started pouring in…
Kristen and her siblings were acting a fool downstairs!
The guests huddled in the AC before they were given the thumbs up…
by this guy! =)
It was HOT out!
Like, really hot.
She had the right idea.
And the ceremony begins…
I loved the details outside. Her mother brought these flags in from California.
Her brothers had a hard time holding back the tears. This always makes me cry. I am a sap.
Some wedding day poetry.
Another cool flag detail!
Her sister was crying too!
Kristen’s mother.
The very Chicago courtyard!
And the new couple heads back in the gallery.
Tim’s brother made some special ale for the big day!
Some details…
The guests made their way to Bottom Lounge for the reception and we stepped out for some photos.
Her sister was eating flowers from Asrai Garden when we met up with the wedding party outside of the gallery.
A quick high five and we made our way around the neighborhood.
This is my second “head in a bear” sighting!
The wedding party headed to Bottom Lounge and we ended the photo session with the bride and groom.
Kristen’s shoe!
Time for a party!
A few details from the reception.
Some indoor graffiti. I have died and gone to heaven.
A few homemade flowers.
A cool view.
Fresh fruit.
And homemade tea and lemonade!
The food was GREAT!
Tim’s mother and brothers decided it would be a good idea to toast his father on Tim’s big day.
The speeches.
The Incantations were ready for the first dance.
Love this shot that Braxton got of their first dance!
And then some crazy dancing. Kristen’s brother was not playing around!
This is just awkward. I love it.
The ring monkey. They got this guy on one of their first dates.
Have a great life together!!!